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The Voice Travels – Daylesford and Beyond

Hi all,

Well, I have said if before and I’ll say it again! There are advantages to being a member of ISV – The Voice! Not the least being the opportunity to travel to different places around Melbourne and its surrounding countryside. And that is exactly what we did on Saturday 26 September, 2009.

Members of ISV – The Voice accompanied two very special guests, Ms Wu Yonghong and Ms Kang Xiaofang, visiting academics from Taiyuan CIty in Shanxi Province, China, to Daylesford and and its various attractions.

We started the day gorging on chocolate at the Daylesford Chocolate Mill before climbing Mt. Franklin, the extinct Volcano. From there we visited the mineral springs and tasted the refreshing mineral water straight from the ground (and no, despite what everyone thinks, I did NOT try to poison them with rusty water!! It was PURE mineral water the natural way!) then headed of to the Lavender Farm (where unfortunately, due to the season, there was no lavender before going for lunch.

Our intention had been to go to Hanging Rock on the way back, but due to the inclement weather, we decided not to go there and visited Trentham Falls instead. The falls were truly magnificent due to the recent heavy rain. It was then back in the car for the long drive home. We all had a great day! A special thanks to our two Chinese guests who were an absolute delight to spend the day with! Pics below, everyone!

Group 1


Mineral Water



Welcome to the Victorian International Student Blog

Hi there everyone!

Well, I thought it about time that I caught up with technology and start my own blog site to keep you all up to date with things that are going on in the International Office in Melbourne.

This is just another way to keep you all informed in a more interactive way. Although we have email and the Blackboard, this site will allow me to keep things a bit more exciting by uploading pictures and news of events that we are running in the office. You will also have the chance of posting responses if you like.

I will try to keep this site updated on a weekly basis. Keep checking back here to see what is going on. You just never know…you might find a picture of yourself up here one day!

For my first post, I’d like to wish all of you all the very best for your exams. I know it’s a stressful time, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! In the meantime, keep your goals in mind and stay focused on what you want.

Take care now!