The End of the Quarter

Adam has just finished up his exchange quarter at Santa Clara University…

The quarter is over! I wish it wasn’t. It’s really been such a great experience studying at Santa Clara University. If possible I would most likely try and take another quarter here. Now, the finals are now over and since I wrote my last blog, I have been on a few more side adventures. I’ve made some friends who run their own lighting company so I have been helping them set-up events in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

We all went snowboarding in North Lake Tahoe, at Northstar Resort, and stayed in a cabin right on the waterfront of the lake. (I was also lucky enough to snowboard in South Lake Tahoe, at Heavenly Resort and Kirkwood Resort a few weeks prior.)  We then flew to Las Vegas for 3 nights and also spent one night on an Indian reservation, on a ranch, which sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon West rim. It is really an amazing sight and makes you feel tiny when you consider its spans for over 200 miles. Eagles and Helicopters looked the size of ants in comparison with the sheer expanse of land that the Grand Canyon dominates. We also visited the Hoover Dam, which was another big American Landmark that borders on Arizona and Nevada. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Las Vegas, I thought it would be so commercial, and a place where you lose a lot of money…But it’s definitely worth visiting; everyone there seems to be having such a great time.

It was good to get back to Santa Clara after a few days in Vegas, to relax and unwind.

Now that the quarter is over, I’m going to be road tripping to San Diego and spending a few days there. Then I’ll be flying to Maui, Hawaii and after that to Cabo, Mexico and beyond. Ill be travelling to Mexico City, and its been great because I took Mexican History here as part of my history major. So I feel like I have a good background now on some Mexico’s not too distant past. Then I’ll be making my way over to the east coast of USA. My friend lives in Brooklyn, NY so I’ll be staying with him in June. Then Hopefully to Canada, specifically to Montreal (if my funds allow) to see some other friends I made in San Francisco. Then finally back home in July for my last Semester at ACU! I feel like this is going to be a whole new aspect of my trip. First it’s been study, now it’s going to be travel. Can’t wait!

It’s really an experience that every uni student must fulfill.