Canadian Pop Culture

Carla dishes on the Pop Culture icons in her host country:

Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson…oh, and did I mention Ryan Gosling? 😉

All of these actors/actresses make up part of pop culture in the amazing country I’m currently on exchange in, CANADA! Now who wouldn’t love a place where Ryan Gosling is from, right?

Pop culture in Canada is focused around many things. Mostly how Canadians like spending their leisure times such as watching movies, listening to music and what television shows are watched on a regular basis.

A lot of Canadians spend their leisure time doing a lot of sports however more time is spent sitting in front of a screen. Most movies in Canada are American made however, those famous stars in the American movies are mostly Canadian born only moving to places such as New York and California to get their careers started.

When writing this blog I decided to make it a bit more interesting than just researching a topic and providing you readers with something that you could find by yourself on-line. What better way to make this interesting then asking a few Canadians first-hand what they believed pop culture is in their country and what stands out most to them?!

Now, I have to add that most of the people I asked were girls because they were with me when I was writing this blog. So who is their favourite TV star?…. You guessed it.. Ryan Gosling! I have to agree with them on that one though!

Now moving back a few years ago to sing-a-longs with the girls our favourite songs were sung by singers such as Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion and Shania Twain.

All of these singers that make you think you sound amazing hitting those high notes, when you generally don’t, are all Canadian! And who could forget, Justin Bieber, currently taking the world by storm with his music.. also a Canadian!

Canadian pop culture is definitely centred around music and movies, providing a lot of entertainment to many people around the world... and a little bit of eye candy like Ryan Gosling as well.

Until next time! I’ll keep searching for up and coming Canadian stars.

What have you noticed about the pop culture in your country?