A day in my life

Kara shares with us a day in the life of an ACU Exchange Student!


Beginning at 10am:

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, roll over and snooze for another half an hour or so. Eventually, my roommate whispers from under her blankets, “Kara get up or you will be late for class”. Immediately, I jump out of bed. I have to get dressed in 10 minutes in the darkness (so not to bother my roommate). I pack my bag for the day; laptop, workbook, textbooks, pens, glasses and of course a bagel that I am scoffing down for breakfast on the walk across campus. I walk down the stairs and open the door to a freezing -2 degrees. The campus is full of busy students walking to their class, along with the occasional squirrel running across the road or up the nearest tree.

11am – 3.15pm

First class: The Institution of Education. This class is my favourite class, purely because it is full of 29 enthusiastic Americans who are all passionate about the same thing I am; education. This class is interaction/discussion based and on a regular basis they make funny jokes about me being Australian. Safe to say I have gotten used to it by now. Although, hearing them attempt my accent will never get old.

Second class: Development Across the Lifespan. This unit always puts me in a good mood. I have two American best friends in this class and my lecturer is from London and begins every lesson with “Good afternoon, chaps”.

Third class: Development of School Aged Children. This class is a lecture-based class with 100 students. The teacher and I get along quiet well and because she is originally from Sydney we have a lot to talk about.

3.15pm – 7pm

After a long day of classes, my friends and I head to the cafeteria. At 3.30pm all the new food comes out for the day, including a fresh batch of cookies. We end up taking about 10 of them. 😉  I then go for a coffee run to this cute coffee store just outside of campus. I was shocked to find a place that makes skinny lattes and not just black, American coffee.

Unfortunately, at some point during the day I have to study and go over readings or assessment tasks. This is usually avoided though by a tactical afternoon nap. 😉


Dinner time! This is when about 30 international’s walk over to the cafeteria and eat three unnecessary plates of junk food. On the off occasion we eat salads, but it’s pretty rare. We stay at dinner for several hours sometimes, talking about anything.

10pm onwards

Everyone starts to get ready for college night at the club downtown called ‘Syn and Sky’. All of my friends and I are underage, however you are still allowed into the club, you just cannot buy drinks. The security guards draw massive stars on your hands in permanent marker to make it even more humiliating for you throughout the night. I must admit, I am still not used to the music and dancing in American clubs. It is very different to Australian night life to say the least.

Once it reaches about 2am the club starts to get empty and everyone makes their way back home. Usually people order a pizza on the way home, so by the time you get back to dorms it is there waiting for you. Then everyone goes to the lobby and stays there for a few hours talking nonsense. This is probably my favourite part about exchange; silly conversations, pizza and good company in the middle of the night.


Depending on what weekend it is, either I simply go to bed or I quickly get changed and ready to go to the airport on a weekend trip away.

That’s how breezy and perfect my Thursdays are here in Greensboro.