How to make the best of a long flight

Are you heading overseas soon?  Rachael shares with us some of her tips on how to make the best out of long-haul flights.

In 2012 I calculated that I took a total of 17 flights. 17 FLIGHTS! That’s just insane! Lucky for me, I really enjoy flying and now know exactly what I need to make my flying experience tip top.

My flight from Sydney airport to LAX was around 13 hours but that’s definitely not the longest flight I have ever had. I flew with Qantas over to the States and had no issues whatsoever. I find the Qantas air-hostesses extremely friendly and hospitable and during those hours of the trip when everyone else is asleep but all you want is to stretch your legs, they wanted to talk to me and hear all about my upcoming adventure. 

One absolute essential thing that I suggest for surviving long haul flights is to make a kick-ass playlist. Music affects my mood more than anything else, so I made sure to include all my favourite music (nothing depressing!) as well as some new stuff I hadn’t had the chance to listen to yet. Also, make sure you bring your own headphones onto a plane because more than likely the headphones provided by the airline aren’t as comfortable as your own!

Personally, the window seat is my favourite. I try to get to the airport a little earlier if it means getting to select your seat. But I feel like most airlines will be sympathetic if you are travelling alone (and are friendly!) and they will give you a good seat. I feel like being on a long haul flight on your own is very relaxing, it gives you a lot of time do relax, watch a ton of movies or get around to reading a couple of those books that have been collecting dust. Just make sure to enjoy EVERY part of your trip.

Bring a journal! A long haul flight is the perfect time to begin reflecting on your study abroad adventure!

Bring your own bottle of water. Hydration is always so important and sometimes waiting for an air hostess to come around with water is tiring.  (Editor’s Note: please be aware of security restrictions in relation to bringing liquids on board a plane.)

Make friends! I was seated next to a young couple from San Francisco on my flight over and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and when I eventually made my way to San Fran they were more than happy to take me out for lunch and show me some of the sights! But at the same time – be smart and cautious about whom you talk to.

Just remember that you are in that one seat for half a day! Get comfortable, have plenty of books ready, iPod all charged up, water bottle at hand and the most important thing, a positive attitude!

Happy travels!!!

What are some of your best travel tips?