Three things that I have learned about myself since traveling abroad


One of the toughest things when studying abroad is having to discipline yourself when it comes to school work. Denver is known for its amazing hiking trails, world- famous ski resorts and amazing local fishing and camping spots; it really is a mecca for all things outdoors-y. So it’s fair to say that I had a rough time adjusting to my life at first. All I wanted to do was go out and adventure! But after only a couple days I realized that I really had to pull my head in and get all of my homework completed, especially because most of my classes required knowledge about American education that I had to catch up on. However after finding my balance between and school and leisure my overall experience of studying abroad was heightened and everything became easier to deal with. My advice would just be to manage your time as time abroad goes far too quickly!

Functioning independently

This was my very first time living out of home. I have now spent a year away from my home where I was very accustomed to often having my laundry & groceries always done for me and dinner was always lovingly prepared each night by my wonderful mum and step-father. It didn’t come as a rude awakening for me to now be doing all these things on my own as I was totally expecting it, but I did realize just how well taken care of back home I was. The hardest part was trying to get to the grocery store each week for supplies, luckily my roommates were so understanding and would offer to take me anytime. I feel like study abroad (for me personally) was a chance to prove to myself that I am able to function independently (but I am so looking forward to going home and having home cooked meals again)!


I am most definitely an adventurer and explorer of new place. That old saying “leave no stone unturned” applies to my life. After my first semester abroad I soon realized that the time absolutely flies by it is so important to get the most out of your time here. Sitting in your room watching Netflix is not what I would recommend. Instead, go out and make new friends, every new relationship will bring with it a new experience. I’ve found that so many of my peers are eager to take me to new places (especially if they are locals) and really show their city/ town/ state off. Also, make sure to spend your money on experiences rather than objects, because in the long run, the experience is what you will remember and treasure!


What are some things that you have learned about yourself through studying overseas?