My favourite photo

Choosing one photo to sum up my semester exchange at Nipissing University in Ontario was very difficult. Whilst on exchange I met amazing people from all over the world and had some truly unique experiences. I was even able to spend a week in Cuba and travel all over the United States after my studies!

I ended up choosing this photo because I feel this depicts my experience well. This picture was taken in Quebec City.  Pushing me in the dog sled is my roommate who was a big part of my exchange as we did most of our travelling together.

My exchange was full of surreal experiences such as this one. In our weekends, we  were able to travel to nearby cities or do activities such as the one in this photo, dog sledding, something that is not possible in Australia! In this picture you can see the snow in the background. Because our exchange began in January, it meant we were in Canada during winter and snow was everywhere! To get to class we would have to trudge through piles of snow, which we didn’t really mind as it was very pretty and very different to what we were use to. Also, in this photo are our massive winter jackets, a necessity when the temperatures regularly dip to the -30s!

In this photo we have big smiles on our faces. What I remember most about my exchange in Canada was constantly laughing and smiling and why wouldn’t I be?

I was extremely lucky to have this experience and could not recommend it enough! 

Dogsledding in Canada