Fairfield University spotlight

Vanessa is currently studying at Fairfield University as an exchange student.


Hello ACU! I’ve just finished my first week studying at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut! It’s been an action packed week, with doing a lot of orientation activities with other international students studying here. Claudia Appaduray and I are the only Australian students here studying abroad, with other students hailing from China, Ireland and Brazil. We arrived on the 29th of August, which was a date reserved only for the International students to move in. All the regular students were planned to move in 3 days later.

The entrance to the school:



Fairfield is a beautiful place filled with gorgeous flora and fauna. There are a lot of trees in the town and the university; it is so beautiful to see so much green everywhere. Fairfield University is bigger than I expected. It takes me over half and hour to walk around the entire university! I mentioned to a lot of people here that the university is way too big for me, but they all me that this university is big compared to other universities in the USA! I can’t even imagine going to those other universities if Fairfield is considered small!


^^ Up here is the Fairfield mascot, the Stag. The stag statue is a popular meeting spot and a very popular statue where visitors often get their picture taken. At night, there are lights illuminating the statue, which looks beautiful.

The school is very beautiful at night. A few student leaders took me around the school at night for an impromptu tour. One of the first places they showed me was the library, which I was curious to see. When we got there, I was amazed. The library was huge! I didn’t get a chance to look inside until a few days later- but from the outside, I could see that the library was going to blow my mind. Just look at how big it is! I couldn’t get the whole library in the shot.



Since I am studying Media and Communications over here, I got to view the Film and TV department here at Fairfield. Their department of Film and TV is very decorated and enthusiastic. Their halls are filled with Film and TV posters and important memorabilia. Just one of the halls I walked through to get to class:



As I mentioned earlier, Fairfield University is very green! The university is filled with gorgeous nature, and I stumbled across this gorgeous pond. It is called Bellarmine Pond and it is a nice and quiet place for people to relax and to take in the sights. I had to take a picture of it, because the first time I saw it was at night and I could barely see anything!



After most of the students moved in, Fairfield University had their annual activities fair- where all the clubs and organizations at Fairfield came together on the campus green to promote their clubs and to open themselves up for people to join. There was a huge turnout, even though most of the people were freshmen. I went with some of my friends to scope out any clubs that I would be interested in. There is so much variety for clubs! Just to list a few: Asian student association, glee club, a Capella group, improv club (which I signed up for), Salsa dancing and even a Harry Potter Quidditch club (which I also signed up for!!). I signed up for a few more, but I might just keep on a few, depending on how my workload goes. Here is a snapshot of the activities fair!



That’s it for now! I still have 11 more weeks of the semester here and I know I’m going to have a great time studying, making friends and participating in the clubs I’ve signed up for! Will keep you guys posted!

What do YOU think about Fairfield University??