The craziest thing I’ve eaten overseas (so far)

James shares with us some of his culinary adventures in North Carolina…

Arriving in Greensboro, North Carolina I had no idea what to expect, it was my first time travelling to the Unites States and would be my first time living outside of  Sydney. Thankfully when I arrived it wasn’t long before I met other international students, who I live with in the international house or ‘ihouse’ as we call it, which is the dorm where most of the international students stay while on exchange.

The first few days was spent getting to know the campus, which is huge compared to our Mount Saint Mary campus. The landscaping and facilities of UNCG are amazing. There are greens lawns surrounding the large stone buildings and there are so many places to play sport. We have basketball and tennis courts, a baseball and soccer stadium, a student gym and pool as well as a golf course!

Visiting Walmart to purchase supplies for our dorm rooms was an experience, there was a McDonalds, phone company and bank inside the store. Not to mention that they stock almost anything you can think of, in bulk!

A group of the international students organised a trip to see the local baseball team, the Greensboro Grasshoppers, play a home game. The atmosphere was friendly and we got to see a firework show afterwards. The atmosphere at a college football game is insane, the 60 000 strong crowd hangs off every play of the ball and really gets behind their team. My favourite part was after every touch down for the home team when they fired a cannon!

I have enjoyed trying the specialities of southern style cuisine, recently I got together with a friend and tried the ‘Insanity wing challenge’ at East Coast Wings. I have never tasted anything so hot and spicy in my life! They have you sign a waiver before eating the single chicken wing and you’re wearing rubber gloves when you eat it so the sauce doesn’t burn your skin. It was definitely an experience.

I’m really looking forward to visiting more parts of the country and trying new food challenges.

Eating some Hot wings!!

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