Algonquin Park Camping Adventure

Rachel is currently studying in Canada and earlier this semester, visited the lovely Algonquin Park…

Over the weekend we travelled south just over an hour from North Bay, Ontario to Algonquin Park, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. We stayed for the weekend for some international student/ mentor fun.  On arrival I was blown away by the beauty of the place. The trees still green and lush with the tips just beginning to turn those beautiful autumn colours we see so few of back home in Sydney.

The chipmunks ran widely which gave me endless pleasure to watch. As for our cabins they were tinny little wooden free standing inhabitants scattered throughout the woods. No internal electricity but candles to be used for the night (when I say no electricity that means no heating so this Aussie girl was freezing and wore every item of clothing I had packed to bed with me).

After dropping our stuff in the cabins we headed down to the water, for some canoeing or paddle boarding.

My adventurous side came out and I choose paddling boarding and I am so glad I did. SO MUCH FUN! At first I just practiced the usual standing up and paddling without falling off but before long I was doing turns on the board and ended up laying down in the middle of beautiful Algonquin lake having a little sunbake. Three of us paddle boarders choose to take up a challenge and attempted to switch boards, the first two of us succeeded with little grace but unfortunately the third person sent all three of us flying into the water. We came out laughing and being wet and cold was well worth the fun!

After a lovely home cooked lunch we all headed out hiking. The experience was breath taking with the woods seemingly wrapping along endlessly, the sounds of birds chirping all around.

Though I was drawn even further into the immediate surroundings as I spoke to a newly acquainted, very inquisitive, Swedish friend who likes to know the English translation for most things she sees.

Algonquin Park Camping Adventure!

Algonquin Park Camping Adventure!

Algonquin Park!

Algonquin Park!


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In the evening we had a camp fire and toasted marshmallows and made s’mores. I am not sure if this is a Canadian food or not but I had never had them before and let me just say… AMAZING!

To make a s’more you will need:

  • Two crackers, chocolate and a toasted marshmallow.
  • Add the chocolate and marshmallow to the centre of the two crackers and you have a s’more!

All in all the Canadian camping experience was a unique and memorable experience. I was able to bond with many new international friends and mentors while experiencing a corner of the world that prior I would never have even known existed.