Reading Week Road Trip – Canada

It’s Road Trip time!  Read all about Rachel’s adventures…

Last week was reading week here at Nipissing University, North Bay Ontario. So to make the best use of the week off, 8 of the international students and I went on an adventure through Ontario and Quebec. We hired two cars, filled them with our luggage and ourselves, and took off. I was one of the designated drivers and the first few hours on the road were interesting with it being my first time driving on the “other” side of the road. Nine hours later, one traffic jam, and a car full of excited people from all over the world, and we finally arrived at our hotel in Montreal. First night was all about getting sleep but the next day we woke early, headed into Montreal city and went on a cruise around the Saint Lawrence River.

St Lawrence River

St Lawrence River

The river was very beautiful and allowed us to have prime viewing of many of the down town Montreal attractions. After the cruise we walked around the city for a few hours, soaking in the new atmosphere and mixture of modern and old buildings.

After a few days of sight seeing in Montreal we headed to Quebec City. I had seen photos and thought I was aware of its beauty but really nothing prepared me for just how beautiful it was. With the fall colours, Halloween decorations and European architecture I felt as though I had stepped into another world, like a childhood fairytale. Everywhere I looked something grabbed my attention and I felt as though I could have stayed there for days. However, we only had the day as we were heading to Ottawa in the morning. So after a long day of sight seeing I pilled my car crew back in for the 3 hour trip back to our Montreal Hotel.

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We had invested a few days earlier in a pair of walkie talkies so we could easily communicate with the other car and they came in handy as in car entertainment for the trip home.

Next day it was off to Ottawa. I wish I could say that we spent some time sight seeing but by this stage I think we were more excited that our hotel was only a 5 minute walk from the shops and the local places to go out. So we shopped and ventured out in the evening for a good time. On our last night we went to a NHL ice–hockey game and it was amazing!!! Everything I had hoped for plus more. The atmosphere was incredible and I enjoyed watching a game that is such a strong part of Canadian culture. Definitely something I can tick off my bucket list now.

Ice hockey!


The road trip was an experience of a lifetime. Not only did it push my own boundaries and allow me to experience a totally new place but I also made some really great friends along the way and learnt about other people’s cultures, values and norms. Definitely a week well spent!!!


What’s the best road trip YOU have taken?