USA travel

Since being in the US I’ve had the opportunity to visit Washington DC and Columbus.

While in DC I did all the normal sort of tourist things but my favourite part was the food festival they happened to be holding the weekend we were there. Four blocks in downtown DC were closed so local businesses could set up food stalls that were selling samples of their locally produced food. I enjoyed trying an organic chicken sandwich (more like a burger) from a local diner as well as some super tasty ice cream that was made in DC from fresh ingredients.

Visiting Columbus, home to Ohio State University was an amazing experience, while I was there I went to an Ohio State football game.

With more than 105,000 people attending and the best marching band in the country performing at half time the atmosphere was electric and we won the match! Last weekend was home coming at UNCG and there are so many events they put on! For me the highlights were the:

  • parade
  • live music and stalls on the main lawn
  • alumni rugby match

The parade made its way through the streets on campus with floats from various clubs at UNCG represented. For me the highlight of homecoming was the rugby match against alumni players. There were a few hundred supports who came out to see the game, the current rugby team played well but were no match for the alumni who won the game.

The sporting events I’ve been able to see since being have been so great and I will try to check out a few more before making my way back to Australia.