The end of an experience: my feelings about coming home

Just a few days ago, I finished my semester at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. This was an amazing experience for me, living in a new country and studying in a new country. This was the first time where I have travelled somewhere without my family and living somewhere for a long time that is not my home. When I get back home to Melbourne, I am going to miss living on campus and just waking up and walking to class – which was so convenient. Especially since all I had to do was wake up, brush my teeth and throw on any clothes and walk to class, even if I did look like a mess!

Obviously, one of the things of my experience that I am going to miss are the new friends that I have made while studying at Fairfield. I became close friends with around 4 other girls and I had such a great time with them, and it was just one of the things that made me appreciate this experience and I am going to miss them like crazy. I said goodbye to one of the girls a few days ago and we were tearing up. It wasn’t until she sent me a goodbye text that I really started crying. It just shows how close you can become to people in such a short time. I know I still have all my good friends back home in Melbourne, but its just the fact that I won’t see the friends I’ve made in America for an incredibly long time and that is what makes me appreciate and treasure them more. I am going to miss them the most, but I will try my hardest to visit the US again in the next two or three years.

I am looking forward to coming back to ACU, as I haven’t been there in a year. I deferred the first semester in 2013, because I wanted to save up money for this study abroad trip, and my second semester was obviously at Fairfield, so I am looking forward to seeing some old friends at ACU and enjoying the rooftop garden in the Daniel Mannix building, as I have yet to spend time there. When I go back to ACU, it will be my last semester and I look forward to finishing my degree and being in the city again.

I’ve done so many new things during my experience. I’ve taken five incredibly full-on subjects at uni, I’ve been to New York City numerous times, I’ve had the chance to be in the audience of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I’ve started my pursuit into my passion of comedy by joining the improv club at Fairfield, and that led me to be brave enough to enter a stand up competition when I get back to Melbourne, for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

I can’t wait to come home, but I am dreading leaving the US. At least I can now say that I’ve done a semester abroad, and I now have many close friends that live in the US – who I can always visit and have a place to stay, and vice versa.

Thank you to ACU for helping me make this experience possible.