Travel tips

My time here at Gannon has just flown by! I’ve only got one week left on campus now and it’s that time of year where everyone is stressing and studying like crazy for finals. Personally this week is not a stressful week because I only have two finals because all of the other ones were last week.

I’m really glad I decided to do most of my travelling at the start of the semester for two reasons: 1 – there is a higher workload at the end of semester so I didn’t feel back for not studying and 2 – the weather was a lot better and easier to travel light and be outside without being freezing! Now I just try to go as fast as I can between buildings and try not to slip over.

My favourite part about studying abroad has been learning and making new friends while also being able to travel and see the country – it’s the best of both worlds!

So now its come to the end of my time in the USA and I wanted to share some travel tips for anybody heading over to study:

  • where ever you are living (dorm, apartment etc) make it feel like home as soon as possible because it really helps it feel like a home away from home.
  • this one is for the tea lovers – kettles are not popular here at all! Not many households actually own one so be prepared to have to boil water on the stove for tea.
  • this ones for the coffee lovers – the rumours are true, it is nearly impossible to find a good coffee. I’m sorry I had to break that to you.
  • travel wise, your best bet is to catch the bus – I used both greyhound and megabus. Yes it takes a long time but you get to see a lot more and it’s A LOT cheaper than flying – I caught a bus to Buffalo which is two hours from campus on Megabus and it only cost me $1!!
  • the app viber and Skype have been my best friends! Sometimes it literally feels like I haven’t left.
  • its pretty easy to find a cheap phone plan. I got my sim card from Walmart and pay $30 a month for about $300 of calls and unlimited text and data
  • finally, before I left I was told the workload is a lot more than in Australia. This is true but I found the work is a lot easier as well so it kind of balanced out.

 I would highly recommend anybody thinking about studying abroad to just do it! Trust me you will not regret it.