The end of an experience: my feelings about coming home

I have less then a week left at Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky and I am experiencing so many different emotions. Thinking about my time here I have honestly had the best experience of my life. I have made some life long friends, traveled to so many places and have been pushed out of my comfort zone so many times. This experience has made me so grateful for a supportive family and friends, for the opportunity to meet new people and to experience a different life and culture.

I am so excited to see more of the States, to have a white Christmas and to come back to Australia and give my family and friends a hug. I can not wait to share all the highlights of this amazing opportunity with them. There are so many little things I missed about home. Like having a room to myself, my pillow, the beach and hugging my family and friends just because I can. However, there is so much I am going to miss about my time here at Bellarmine.

I do not know how I will say goodbye to the amazing and wonderful friends I have made here. They are all such incredible people. They have always been willing to show me new places and take me home to meet their parents and have home cooked meals. I will miss that enormously.

It is an overwhelming thought that I have started packing the last five months of my life into a suitcase and in six short days I will be leaving the place I have called home. I will miss seeing my friends everyday for lunch and dinner in one of the many cafes or dinning halls on campus. I will miss our movie and card nights in the dorm rooms. I will miss not having a roommate to talk to about my day. I will miss waking up and seeing the magical snowfall outside my window. I will miss traveling to new places on the weekends and during the holidays.

When I singed up for exchange I thought that after the semester I would be very willing to come home. I did not expect to get this attached to the College, Louisville and the people. During my time here I have experienced nothing but welcoming people and incredible memories. It is bittersweet to leave.

Although I am sad to leave this has truly been the experience of a lifetime. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world and has taught me so much about myself and about the United States. I could not be more grateful. I will never forget the people and memories of my Study Abroad.