Your Guide to America by Courtney

Your guide to America!

The American ‘Slang’ Dictionary

This is a dictionary that all those who are travelling to America on a study abroad MUST read!

As much as America is a Western country, similar to Australia there is still many noticeable differences in ‘slang’ that take some getting used to. If you don’t want to be stared at, or have people look at you with a confused face, then follow this dictionary, put on your accent and you’re good to go!

Australia Slang

American Slang

Jumper Sweat Shirt
Trackies Sweat Pants
Sunnies Sunglasses
Thongs Flip Flops
University College
Runners Sneakers
Message Text
Supermarket Grocery Store
Pharmacy Drug Store
Bottle O’ Liquor Store
Taco Bill Taco Bell
Sculling Chugging
Car Boot Trunk
Capsicum Peppers
Pre-Drinks Pre-Game
Goss Gossip
Petrol Gas
“I reckon” “I think”
Jam Jelly
Nibbles Appetizers
Chips Fries
Singlet Tank Top
Celsius Fahrenheit
Kilometers Miles
Training Practice
Plastic Cups Solo Cups (Red Cups)

10 things not to forget…

  1. The drinking age is 21 in America NOT 18!
  2. You WILL pronounce words differently, and they WILL NOT think your way is right
  3. You’re sure to be shocked by the HUGE meal sizes- you will get used to it
  4. You have pictured America to be exactly how it is on your favorite TV shows
  5. You ‘re going to have a constant fear that everything you do will result in you getting deported
  6. Viber and WhatsApp WILL become your best friend
  7. You will be introduced as “my foreign friend from Australia”, followed by questions about kangaroos
  8. BJ’s, Costco and Walmart will add a whole new level to supermarket/wholesale shopping
  9. Face the reality that you will be up to all hours of the night, Skyping everyone back home
  10. Your roommates abroad will become your family and everlasting friends

These are without a doubt the highlights that YOU WILL encounter during your semester abroad in America. While you’re abroad embrace, enjoy, and appreciate the unforgettable experiences and memories you are creating. Most of all- HAVE FUN!