Traveling Whilst Abroad!

My name is Courtney and I am from ACU Melbourne Campus. I am currently studying at Fairfield University in Connecticut, USA. These are my trips within my study abroad semester. Make the most of your location and see as much as you can!

Welcome to Fairfield! This is Lucas the stag who is the school mascot. He stands tall and proud in the quad. Nearly every class I take I have to walk past Lucas. He even gets decorated if there are special events on in the school. Fairfield is the most amazing campus I have ever seen- especially when it’s snowing! A bonus about studying at Fairfield is the location- 45mins to New York and 1hour to JFK airport. This location makes it VERY convenient to travel during the semester.

Being 45minutes from New York is amazing. I have been able to travel in on weekends to go shopping and sightsee. I have also been lucky enough to meet up with friends and family. New York is definitely the city that never sleeps! Hotels are always shining bright along with buildings and theatres. There is never a dull moment in New York, always something to see or do. It is magical and I am so lucky to be able to have it only short trains ride away!

The capital of America, Washington D.C. AMAZINGGG!!!!! I had high expectations of this city and let’s say they exceeded them 100%! This city is stunning, the old buildings and monuments that lay within the towns are phenomenal. I was able to do a Segway tour which was 3hrs and it shows you all the sights. This was great considering I only had 2 days to see the whole city. I would recommend going to Georgetown it’s beautiful and it is also home to Georgetown University, also great shopping! Washington is very well known for their museums, they are great and lots to choose from depending on what you’re interested in. I didn’t manage to get to Arlington but I have heard it is amazing, and seeing the changing of the guards at the cemetery is a must. D.C is definitely a city you want to see especially if your only 6hours away like I am!

Before I knew it Spring Break was approaching. My roommates were going home for a relaxing break and I didn’t know where to go for a week. I ended up going to Seattle and staying with a friend who lives 2 hours south in Ellensburg. It is a beautiful city with many attractions! I was able to sit in the seat where Tom Hanks filmed ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ which was pretty cool. They say it always rains in Seattle and I can confirm that is true! In the 3 days I spent in Seattle it rained twice, however, Ellensburg had sunshine for me all week! It reminded me so much of Melbourne with beautiful sights and buildings, but definitely not as busy as New York!

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