Spring Break

During the last few weeks of January, there begun a buzz about spring break. This was one of the first American traditions we were going to be a part of, and we were excited to embrace it! It seems that due to the way the semesters work here as opposed to home, the week break given in the middle of semester, which would normally be our Easter break, is their spring break. It denotes the turning of the seasons, and the warming of the weather, which, after much snow, was a welcome change!

Therefore the planning begun, and it was decided that many of us would go to Panama City Beach, Florida. The Australians of the group in particular, were excited for some sun! Others decided to go to different places also – Jamaica, Myrtle Beach, SC, and even New York City. We were all very excited to plan it – some flying, some driving, some taking buses – and more than ready to get going on our adventure, particularly as it drew closer and closer (schoolwork completed, of course!).

We stayed the Majestic Beach Resort (a place I would highly recommend staying at) with a stunning view from the balcony of the 19th floor! We headed down every single day for a week to the beach because we discovered on the first day that literally everyone was doing the same thing! From about noon onwards, people would head down to the beach to dig out places to sit, play games, and enjoy the sun. The hotel right next to us has built a stage and had music and entertainment for everyone all afternoon – everything from country to pop (and even prize giveaways!).

My very favourite thing about the beach during the day was the atmosphere. People from all over the country that belonged to a sorority or fraternity brought a flag with their symbol on it to display proudly at the beach. They would stand around in the area that they’d staked out, and be approached by others from different chapters of the same sorority or fraternity or even people of other sororities/fraternities altogether. There were also numerous people playing all kinds of games such as Kan Jam (a Frisbee and trash can game) and small-sided games of American Football. There was such a strong sense of camaraderie and happiness about the place – it was infectious!

In addition to this complete new and exciting experience with Greek life, we were hailed as near enough to celebrities all week due to our accents! Word had evidently got out by day two, and we couldn’t walk five meters down the beach without someone approaching us and wanting to hear us speak or take a picture with us!

Our trip to Panama City Beach was a much-needed recharge of our batteries before the final half of the semester kicks in! (Where is this year going?!)