My thoughts on returning home

I have been home in Australia for a month now, here I am rugged up in my house right next to the heater, where it is truly snowing outside! I miss the summer heat of Paris and the long days of summer solstice. It was so surreal to hop on a plane in winter and get off in summer!! Returning home was a serious adjustment, as I felt like I had been planning this trip for quite a long time! There was a sadness in thinking that my time in Paris was over, but I couldn’t help but feel so blessed to have this opportunity, one which gave me so much confidence in myself and what I can achieve. I will always have the memories of my FIRST time overseas, in the Beautiful city of Paris.

One of my favourite memories was going to see the lights of the Eiffel Tower. We went and rode the Carousel directly opposite and to our surprise the sparkly lights turned on! It was truly a magical moment, riding round and round the carousel in this incredible city and watching the lights illuminate the tower. A dream of mine for a long time!

Travelling on the CORE Paris Program has given me the courage and experience to explore the world around us – full with many different opportunities for beautiful memories. I am already planning my next trip overseas! This trip is perfect for anyone who wants to go on an exchange, but has not done so before. It’s enables you to ‘dip your toes in’ to the international landscape, without jet setting around the entire world! It truly ignited the ‘travel bug’ within me – I cannot wait to see more of the world when I get a chance.

We studied the ACU CORE Unit UNCC 300, Understanding Self & Society, whilst away in Paris; upon my return I can tell you I definitely know a lot more about myself and my capabilities, and I am encouraged to take hold of any new opportunities in my life and in my studies and career as a Nurse. I’m not afraid to try new things or step into the unknown.

The added bonus of this CORE Program is the intensive completion of the UNCC 300 Unit. A unit which requires you to think critically and ethically on the maintenance of human dignity in real life situations. The intensive mode was a great way to learn about these principles and how we could apply them in our lives and in our future careers. The site visits included in our trip related to what we were learning in class and as we experienced these unfamiliar places, they gave us a new understanding to these principles in our study.

I would definitely recommend this trip to any student who wants an opportunity to learn more about themselves and discover the endless possibilities of adventure overseas!