Three Things

Hi everyone,

My name is Jason. I’m twenty-two, from Sydney’s Strathfield Campus and am currently living in America’s murder capital of the world: Chicago. It sounds pretty scary and there are definitely areas I would avoid that far are out of the city, but nevertheless I am having an incredible and amazing time! It feels like I’m levitating across an entire ocean of dreams.

I was shot out a cannonball and landed in DePaul University. To be quite frank, it’s been absolute mayhem, chaos and good times since then, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’m a little relieved that ACU has given us topics to blog about, because without them I honestly wouldn’t know where to start. I’ve picked lucky number seven:  Three things that I have learned about myself since traveling abroad. Let’s cut to it.


I feel wonderful here in Chicago. I was never afraid of the city even when I first arrived. Sometimes when I walked the city streets, I breathed a little slower than I usually would. My mind then told my body to relax, and both of them found a way to release the most intense and ecstatic endorphins. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly under a cloud of ecstasy. I like the sound of that. Well, because my mood is elated, all aspects of my life have improved too (which I’m not going to bore you with). The point I’m trying to make, which many of you will already be aware of, is that happiness helps improvement. It gives you that boost we all need to step from mundane to miracle. Keeping yourself happy is important, and that truly is news to me.

Willis Tower Skydeck - Chicago

Willis Tower Skydeck – Chicago

People change, effort shouldn’t.

When people talk about friends, I don’t like the phrase that generally sounds like “you should surround yourself with … -“. You know what I’m talking about? To me, it exaggerates and glorifies the amount of control people have in their relationships with people. People do have the power to pick and choose their friends, but some abuse that control, such as taking the easy way out by letting go of friends during hard times and conflict rather than fixing what’s wrong. If a person puts in genuine the effort to adapt, then they’re a good friend. People change all the time but what should stay constant is effort. It really isn’t nice to ditch friends at their most vulnerable and then just “surround yourself” with new and improved people. If someone is being dragged down by their friend(s) and they can’t pull them back up, well then that’s another topic that should be addressed with patience, caution and with the best intentions in mind. I just thought of the first idea because there are a lot of amazing and beautiful people who come to mind when I think of Chicago. They’re worth the effort.

Final thoughts.

This is something I learned about myself in a physical sense, which then triggered some more ideas. But first, let’s start with the fact that I’m lactose intolerant, something which I didn’t know about before. I drink milk to stop myself from getting hungry quickly, but I drank too much milk one day and then suddenly my whole morning and afternoon was ruined. In response to this, I immediately made the decision to keep drinking milk anyway. If I want to do something, I’m going to just do it. These ideas are the ones I like most. They’re refreshingly simple, which keeps the mind sane. Screw you stomach, milk is here to stay.

Less is more.