Exchange Adventures!

Today marks the three-month mark since being in Oswego and I can honestly say that time goes quicker here than it has ever gone in my entire life.  Before arriving in Oswego, myself and a friend I came on exchange with had a 12 hour stop over at LAX airport so we took it upon ourselves to use this time to our advantage.  We found a bus schedule and somehow managed to make our way down to Santa Monica Pier to get some lunch and walk around before our flight to Oswego.  I can still remember to this day the 32 dreadful, sweaty, tearful hours of travelling we did to get to where we are today.


A few weeks after settling into school, the college organized a trip to Canada for all of the international students to see Niagra Falls.  It was surreal to stand in two countries at the same time and be in walking distance of each other!  When we arrived in Canada, we hopped off the bus and ventured off to find Niagra Falls.  It was raining on the way there but I had my fingers crossed, hoping it would clear up by the time we arrived in Canada, but unfortunately it did not.  When we saw Niagra Falls there was so much mist from the falls and the rain we couldn’t see it at all so I was extremely upset that we had travelled there to see nothing but mist! Luckily for us though, the sky cleared up a few hours later and the falls were in full view.  I was under the impression that Niagra Falls was one huge waterfall but it is actually separated into two!  We took a boat around called ‘Maid of the Mist’ that allowed us to get really close to the falls and that was truly amazing to see.  Because it was only a day trip, time did not really permit for us to do or see anything else while we were in Canada but our college is not too far from the border so if we have spare time, we are hoping to go back one more time and explore Toronto!


We also visited Florida in September over the Rosh Hashanah holiday that my college celebrates so we had an extra long weekend!  I am a huge Harry Potter fanatic so visiting Universal Studios to see Harry Potter World was my one of my top priorities whilst in America.  Again, due to time, we weren’t really able to go down to Miami (which I really wish we did) we stayed in Orlando for the few days we were there.  As well as visiting Universal Studios, we went to Disney World and I can honestly say it would take you days to get through the entire Disney World because it is split into a number of different parks.  We only visited the main park because we just did not have enough time to do the whole thing.  If I could recommend one over the other, I would DEFINITELY recommend Universal Studios over Disney World!  Disney World is amazing in terms of the atmosphere there, but majority of the rides are aimed at children whereas Universal Studios has an older audience so the rides are a bit more exciting.


Over Thanksgiving break we have another trip booked to Minneapolis for a few days to see my cousin and from there we are going to Las Vegas to see Justin Timberlakes concert and meet up with another friend from ACU who is on exchange at the moment!  Time is flying so quick and there is only two more weeks of classes left before the end of semester.  Thinking about the past few months being here and how much I have experienced and made me realize how fortunate I am to be given this opportunity.