The End: My Feelings About Coming Home

It’s been just over a week since I left my college and started my travels around the US before my long, lonely trek home.  I met up with one of my best friends from home and his family and have been travelling with them ever since college finished.  The last few days at college were honestly some of the most emotional days of my life!  We all knew that our experience abroad was coming to an end but I don’t think anyone was expecting it to creep up on us so soon and no one was ready to say goodbye just yet.  Classes had finished and exams were over for majority of the students living in my hall so on the last Thursday before we were kicked out of the building on the Saturday, we rounded up as many people as we could and headed to the bar for one, last mug night!  As soon as I got there, people were already crying and it was like dominoes, everyone just went downhill.  The hardest thing about leaving college was knowing that you would never be in the same place with everyone ever again.  Being with so many amazing people and seeing them every single day meant that you became close friends with people really fast so being this close to people and then having to leave them after a few months, knowing that you probably won’t see them ever again (or as often as you once did) is a horrible reality we were all forced to face.

I personally didn’t start packing up my room until the night before we had to leave because I honestly didn’t want to believe that my experience abroad was over.  I cannot stress enough how privileged and lucky I feel to have been able to study abroad, I did not expect my experience to be as unbelievably fulfilling as it was.  Packing my room was also eye opening, I didn’t realize how much clothing I bought over the past few months! Luckily though I planned ahead and bought another suitcase in Vegas so I could take everything home.  But even still, I had to throw out a lot of old clothing to allow me to bring home the new wardrobe I had somehow accumulated over the past few months (whoops).  It was quite a surreal process packing up the room that was my home over the past 3 months.  I remember the first day I walked into my room and started setting it up, knowing that it was going to be home for the next few months.  I made sure I made it feel like home with all the photos I stuck on my walls so it was sad taking everything down, knowing that I wouldn’t be back here again.  Although it wasn’t much of a home when I first got there, it didn’t take long to adjust because I made it my own.

People started checking out of the Hall I lived in on the Saturday and that was a rough day for everyone!  A lot of people were staying because their abroad program allowed them to stay for 18 months but there were also a whole heap of people either going home, or leaving to travel around the United States before they went home.  I was travelling around for about 6 weeks before I went home so I knew I would see a lot of my American friends again before I come home so it wasn’t as hard to say goodbye for me as it was for some people.  I still had to say goodbye to all of my international friends though which was tough.  However, I can now say that I have homes all over the world when I save enough money to go and travel again!

My experience abroad was truly fulfilling and I have never been so thankful to be given and encouraged (by my family and friends) to participate in such an amazing experience.  If you ever get the chance, regardless of your circumstances back home, you have to do it, it is worth every dollar and tear I spent to come over here!