Tips from Bliss – How to Survive Long Haul Flights

I have only been overseas once before which was to Bali when I was five. But it still counts right? Needless to say, my five year old plane trip to Bali didn’t exactly prepare me for the lengthy (ridiculously long) plane trip to Heathrow Airport.

Many of my well traveled friends were extremely eager to provide me with tips, must haves and the do’s and don’ts of traveling – some of which were a little more helpful than others.

Here is a bit of a list I wish I was provided with:

  1.  Eating breakfast before you fly is a must do – you never know when your next meal will arrive.
  2. Don’t wear makeup on the plane. You’ll either sweat it off in the anxious state of not knowing where to go, what to do and /or worrying if you forgot you’re your warmest jacket you bought especially for exchange.
  3. Keep hydrated. You will feel even more lethargic and exhausted if you haven’t been drinking (The free alcohol and soft drinks provided to you mid flight don’t really count).
  4. Make sure you pack a set of ear plugs (Most airlines provide them). After 14 hours of doing nothing, you most definitely will need a nap. Its challenging to sleep when there is constant conversation, babies crying and if you’re one of the lucky ones, very loud snoring coming from the chair next to you.
  5. Try and move around as much as you can. If you have stopovers, try and have a look in the shops, grab something to eat rather than sitting on the chair waiting to board. I think its fair to say that you will have done enough sitting by this time – so move, move, move!
  6. Be comfortable. Don’t wear jeans! Make sure you wear trackies, leggings or something similar – there’s nothing worse than sitting down for hours and hours in anything that doesn’t resemble pajama pants.
  7. Entertainment – a very important topic. Load up your ipad with movies, the latest episode of keeping up with the kardashians, orange is the new black – whatever tickles your fancy. Pack a book to fill in the time before boarding, and make a plane playlist on your phone/ipod of music you actually want to listen to – that’s a must. There’s nothing worse than being almost asleep to being completely woken by that extra loud techno track you forgot was buried somewhere in your ipod.
  8. Most importantly, keep an open mind. Be open to new experiences, meeting new people.

P.S Have a chat to the air hostess – they are bound to have some amazing travel stories to share!