A Picture is 1000 words: The one photo that sums up my experience perfectly

Hello everybody, my name is Michael and I am a full time primary education student at Australian Catholic University now situated in the most majestic and awe inspiring city in the world… NEW YORK!!!!! as a study abroad exchange student at ACUs sister university, St John’s University in Queens.

Well what a first week it has been and I am loving every second of it. It all begins at Dallas International Airport, where I landed, transferred my luggage and got on the connecting flight to New York City LaGuardia Airport.

Then comes the big day; UNI!!! And yes from the perspective of the pictures this place looks awesome, amazing and definitely reminds me a bit of Sydney University despite being only 36 Fahrenheit absolutely freezing compared to Australia’s hot weather.

But I must say that university life in America is both very similar and yet very different all at the same time. Similar in the ways of walking to class, having class, sitting down at cafes and having lunch like any other university I have attended. However it is extremely different in the ways of learning and what you get taught, like what on earth is an ETDPA; funnily enough it is a simplified version of our Australian Lesson Plans, and the American education system refers to syllabus and curriculum points as Core Learning Standards. Now the fun part the SCORING SYSTEM on how they mark us is completely different to how we mark back home. Their marking system is represented as credits and scores are shown as A+ – F but what is really interesting is where they classify a passing mark and believe it or not their passing grade is 60 above, anything below 60 is a fail which I honestly find silly because half of 100 is 50 not 60. Still though what an experience that I am priviledged and thrilled to be apart of!!! If anybody is thinking of studying abroad definitely do it! Whether by yourself or is you have a partner who is willing to come with you and support you as you study I highly recommend it! This is an experience not to be missed.

Anyway the next day of Uni (only having one class) was amazing and out of this world! Their teaching style is alike to ours but also different and more interesting to see the differences and focuses of teaching they have and rely upon compared to ours.  I am still blown away and amazed at the fact that I am actually here studying and living it up in New York City, and already I am calling this place home. Definitely looking forward to what the semester holds and how I cope with it and especially to writing my next blog in showing how amazing this experience really is!

See you guys soon!