A Day in my Life

1. 7.30 am: Alarm is set

2. 8am: Walk down to the Dining Hall

Each morning we have breakfast in this dining with other students of Heythrop College. A full English breakfast is on offer and we can also select from a variety of fruit and yoghurt.

3. 9am: Morning Tutorial

Class starts at 9am and finishes at 11.30 with our teacher Sean Mckenna.

Today’s class discussions covered the four different quadrants of human dignity. We are very lucky to have such a great classroom environment where everyone is happy to throw their ideas around and take on board other’s opinions. Unfortunately with this subject (UNCC300) the more we discuss, the more questions we have!


4. 12pm: Lunch Time

5. 1pm: Our 2nd Site Visit to the Cardinal Hume Centre

Our class walked to High Street Kensington Train Station (5 minute walk) to catch the train to the Cardinal Hume Centre. Once we arrived we were warmly welcomed with a glass of water each. We sat in a chapel were we listened to various speakers in different departments of the centre. This is a centre that works with people who need help with income, housing, education/skill development and legal status with the United Kingdom. The highlight of this visit was listening to two young speakers who work closely in the centre’s hostel – providing housing for the homeless. We were at Cardinal Hume for around 3 hours.

6. 4pm: Everyone we have met so far has told us to try one of London’s famous curries for dinner. So we traveled on the train out to Shoreditch, to an indian retuarant that was recommened to us. We of course got lost! Although London is very easy to get around, it can be very frustrating when we don’t have UK phone numbers and cant use the internet. We eventually found it and it was worth all of the walking – It was amazing food!


7. 10.30pm: Arrived back at Heythrof College

After a long day of class, site visits, many km’s of walking – we were all pretty excited to sleep. Tomorrow is our day off from class and we have booked a High Tea! I cant wait 🙂