Walking around SUNY Oswego

Welcome to SUNY Oswego

I have just completed my sixth week of classes here at SUNY Oswego. The campus is absolutely stunning, but also really huge. I am accustomed to the Melbourne Campus of ACU, which is essentially 3 main buildings and then a lecture theatre a ten minute walk away. Here it can take me fifteen minutes to walk from my dormitory in the centre of campus, to my class on one the east side of campus.



The building you can see on the right is Hart Hall. This is where I live and spend most of my time. The hall houses the majority of the International students that live here. On each floor there is a kitchen, a lounge, and two bathrooms, as well as a mix of double rooms and single rooms. Immediately to the left of Hart Hall is the Cooper Dining and Fitness centre, which is only one of the fitness and dining centres on campus. It’s connected to Hart Hall, and Funelle (the building on the right of Cooper) by a tunnel, which is important because the temperature gets down below -20°C some days, and you don’t want to have to be walking outside just to get a meal!


The above image shows part of the lounge on the ninth floor of Hart Hall. This is the top floor of the hall, and has an amazing view! We’re allowed to decorate the lounge as we like. The lounge also has a television and multiple couches. People will often come out to study and socialize together. I’ve found that the best way to get to know people, particularly the Americans, is to just sit out in the lounge to study.

4 3

This is the standard type of room that students will live in. The majority of students in Hart Hall will live in a double room, sharing with a roommate. We each have a bed, desk, and wardrobe to use.


Here we have the main courtyard in the centre of campus. This contains several academic buildings, including the library (on the right). These buildings are located directly across from Hart Hall towards the lake. It only takes about 2 minutes for me to walk across to Hewitt Hall (on the left) which is convenient as this is where most of my classes are located.


This is Sheldon Hall, and is actually the first building you will see when you enter the SUNY Oswego campus.


Over on West Campus there is a lagoon. You can’t see it in the photo, but just to the right of the Lagoon is a large number of residence halls, including The Village. The Village is one of the nicest parts of campus to live. The buildings look like large townhouses and are relatively new. The only downside to living in this part of campus would be the distance you have to walk to get to classes.

8 9

Another really important building is the Campus Centre. The Centre holds a lot of events over the course of Semester, and also holds the Ice Rink. This is where students can go to watch Hockey Games for free, or even participate in the open ice skating events, which are only $3 including skate hire. This centre is also really close to Hart Hall, and acts as a thoroughfare to get to some of the other academic buildings, meaning that once in the centre, students only have to go outside for a short period of time to get to some of the other centres. Again, due to cold temperatures, this is well appreciated! Located really close to the campus centre is also the campus recreation hall, which has a pool, and various sporting courts.


Lastly, we have the lake. This is what makes SUNY Oswego so special. The Lake Effect snow and winds are what cause the temperatures to drop so low. However, the lake creates one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I am yet to get any good photos of it because it has been so cold, but it is definitely something to be seen!!

I haven’t shown much of the interior of the buildings, but they are not that far off what you can see back in Australia. It is the outside, and the scale, of that campus that separates it from ACU, as well as the ability to live on campus. Equally, I have only shown a portion of the campus! There is more to be seen!