Final blog from me!

Hello everybody!, this is my third blog out of the three blogs that I have written for the duration of my study abroad experience over at St Johns University at Queens Campus, New York! And what can I tell you it has been an absolute blast!!!!! and I have enjoyed every single second of my experience but I do miss the environment of home and the small cosy ACU campus in Strathfield.


Pictured here is a building that I explained about in my previous blog during my midterms. Now as you can see it is a pretty big and comfortable building but what is really special about this and how I think it beats the buildings at the ACU campus in Sydney is of the watchtower construction and inside this building is A SYTHETIC FIRE! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! But in all seriousness my time studying the american education system and being exposed through their university culture and completing midterms and final exam papers I have discovered that their learning style is similar to ours but also a lot more comfortable and stress free (this is all my personal opinion) when completing assessments.


The social environment as well at this university is awesome and reminded me a lot of home but with one crucial element of being an Australian Student does have its celebrity advantages where everybody tries demonstrating their version of Australian accents and asking you 101 questions on whether Australian animals are really just there to hunt and kill us. But nothing also will beat the opportunity granted to myself and my girlfriend every weekend where we go out of Brooklyn and explore the famed New York City; especially Time Square and all of the touristy hotspots.


Put simply if any university student from any campus is given the opportunity to study abroad over at a different university at a different country do it! Don’t even think about it just study hard, get the required GPA and go for it, and trust me from a person who is currently doing study abroad, it will be the best experience and time of your lives and university career. It looks good on your resume and it can also open up a lot of employment opportunities for you in the future. For example I am a bachelor of Education (Primary) student completing my fourth year studies and after completing one semester at SJU, not only have I passed all of my units with flying colours and achieved a substantially high GPA which has surprised me with how well I did and not only that but I have been told from my teachers that if I ever want to look for employment within the New York or any American elementary education system that they will happily be my references! How good is that!


Well I hate to bring this to a close but my university journey may be over but my american journey sure isn’t! That is also the beauty of study abroad at another country! If your semester overseas starts earlier then the one back at your home university and the beginning of your second semester starts far later then the ending of your first semester overseas then you would find yourself with a little bit of free time on your hands to go exploring the country. As for me I will be going to florida to explore Disney World and Universal Studios then preparing to come home and to tell my university friends all of the joys and wonders of visiting and living in another country for an extended period of time.


Have fun and good luck in all of your studies!