Hello from the USA!

Sorry for the late blog everybody, but wanted to make sure that the midterm was done and finished with before I posted up another blog. So what is there to catch up on, well IT IS FINALLY SPRING!!!

And thank goodness for that too, because I was really starting to get over this cold hahaha. Another update from us Aussie’s over here is that both myself and my sister Aussie from another campus Bec received a visit from our exchange manager Amy Ryan, and it was good to finally hear and talk to someone who had recently flew over to New York from Australia to tell us how everything is going down there that isn’t shown on the Facebook newsfeed.

What else is there to tell?  Well, the university experience over here at St John’s University is still amazing me every day  – – I attend my classes, and as I said a couple of sentences ago, is that I have finally completed my mid-terms for three of my classes out of the four classes that I am completing in the spring semester this year. And let me tell you that it is extremely refreshing to be exposed to different teaching experiences throughout ones university career especially from another country whether that be an allied country with similar educational standards as Australia or not.

What I have also discovered from being here is that American educational officials from all states highly value the input of Australian teachers in showing them how we teach and our pedagogical methodologies so as for them to become similar if not better teachers then us Aussies. So it feels really good to be like a superstar that everybody looks to in awe when talking about a topic that Australia thrives in and is better than Americans at, and it is a really good feeling and if anyone is thinking on going overseas to do exchange study then please do it because you will be regarded as a mini celebrity among your classmates.

Now I will be sending you a picture of one of the new buildings that have been recently been erected over the last couple of years that I have been told but it is so much better than our buildings at my Strathfield ACU campus because of one thing! Can anybody guess it hahaha it’s what old castles have when watching out for enemy armies or scouts. It is architectural awesomeness like this that makes me happy that I have participated and am continuing participating in exchange study and not to mention the site seeing, and all I have for this is one state: NEW YORK

Yes studying in the St Johns Campus in Queens and living in a studio apartment in Brooklyn allows me and my partner the ability to travel and explore NYC to its full potential as well as plan opportunities to explore other areas of New York, America and not to mention enjoying SPRING BREAK! Which was snowed in for half the week hahaha.

So happy to be here doing this exchange study and it is a must do for anybody thinking of doing this. Can’t wait for my next blog.

Have fun back at home one day ahead of us. 🙂

Michael Dahler