Mason goes to Gannon

Mason Vivian
Exchange to Gannon University, USA
Semester 2, 2015

Having living in America for a little under two months my experience has definitely fluctuated to say the least. Leaving Melbourne airport with huge smiles and overwhelming excitement of the journey I was about to begin. I was dreading the 14 hour flight to LA as it would have been more than double the amount of time I have ever experienced on a plane, I was just hoping I could get a few hours sleep at the least and hopefully keep myself occupied the whole time.

For my first experience of the United States to be amongst all of the busy travellers at LAX airport, it was a big eye opener and that was when it first hit me that I was actually in America. The six hour layover went quickly as it was so busy and so many things to do with checking in luggage and before I knew it,  I was back on a plane heading to Chicago. This is when the excitement quickly died off.  😐

As I landed in Chicago, my last flight to Erie, Pennsylvania had been cancelled due to poor weather conditions, so after waiting what the outcome was, I was put on the next available flight the next day to Erie which had to go via Philadelphia. I got a good nights rest and was ready to finally arrive at destination. As I landed in Philadelphia my layover was a little under an hour and I didn’t realise how big the airport was and was running to check-in in time. I got to the gate in good time only to find out that a passenger had to be taken off because the plane didn’t have enough fuel we were told, and the passenger that had to be taken off would be the last one that checked in and that was me. So once again another delay to my journey trying to reach my University.  😐

Four hours later and I was boarding my last flight to Erie, finally! Getting off the plane I was very much relieved as much as I was drained from the whole experience to only find my luggage did not reach Erie so that almost the last straw I couldn’t think of anything else that could have gone wrong…

Fast track to now, my luggage ended up arriving a few days later and I was settling in very nicely. I’ve been on many little trips with friends who were kind enough to bring me along and see what they often get to see all the time.

I definitely learnt a lot about myself during my first few days with so many troubles and complications. I now feel I can face almost anything any travel experience will come up in the future and have definitely grown as a person in terms of independence. 🙂

I wouldn’t trade my journey so far to not go through what I did, this is a once in a life time thing to do. 🙂