Mason travels the USA

Mason Vivian
Exchange to Gannon University, USA
Semester 2, 2015

The great thing about America is that there are so many amazing things and places to travel to not far from each other. I came over with things in mind that I’ve always wanted to go and see.  Some being New York, LA, Las Vegas, but one that was top of the list was Disney World. It’s been something that as a kid I always wanted to go to and envied those who had been. A perfect opportunity came up during fall break when all students had 5 days off so I thought Disney is where I want to be for that break. The day came I was leaving and I was super excited, everything was organised I couldn’t get there quick enough. I touched down in Orlando at 2.30pm and shortly after arrived at my Disney Resort which firstly blew me away. I had expectations but this was just something else. The excitement was hard to contain so what else to do then go visit one of the theme parks. Disney World has four parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Disney Hollywood Studios. My favourite by far was Magic Kingdom, this is home to the castle that comes to mind when you think of Disney. It was literally another world that swallowed you into the home of Disney. It is an experience that everyone has to do in their life just to see the amount of effort and lengths they go to to make it your best holiday, in and out of the parks.

Another adventure to Cleveland took place shortly before Orlando. As mentioned before, I love that there are so many great cities only a few hours in the car that are their own and completely different to each other. Downtown Cleveland at night was the highlight of the trip. So many colours.  Many people walking around, bars, skyscrapers, sporting arenas, it had it all. Every city has so many opportunities to take so many great photos that are like no other city, and that’s what I loved about it. People are so welcoming to Australians!  It’s been such a pleasure to meet so many people and hear their stories and to tell them about mine.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and was one holiday I was keeping in mind to look forward to. I’ve seen it on the TV, heard all about how families come together and have a big turkey like it’s Christmas and it was something I would love to experience. I’m lucky enough to have been invited to someones home to experience what the festivities are like.