What I hope to see/do before I come home to Australia

Esmeralda Da Silva
Exchange to SUNY Oswego
Semester 1, 2016

My name is Esmeralda and I am currently involved in the exchange program at SUNY Oswego in upstate New York (and no it’s not New York City). I am located about a five-hour train ride from New York City, I am actually closer to the Canadian border about two hours away. There are many places on my list to see before I come home to Australia, although not as much time as it feels. I have been here for two weeks, but time has flown. Specifically because I am only just finishing week one of the semester, and I have already had two assignments due. It feels like I have am in week six. Anyway there are a few trips that I would like to take throughout the semester on the weekend. These include New York City, Boston, Salem, Niagara Falls from both the Canadian and New York sides, Buffalo and Rochester. I have already been to Syracuse, which is a bigger town than Oswego about forty-five miles (seventy two kilometres) away. It can take either an hour or two hours to get there by public transport, depending on if you get an express route or normal route. Otherwise there are rental cars on campus that can be taken at your convenience, but as expected you do have to pay a fee to rent the vehicles.


Other places I wish to travel before I retreat back to Australia, which will be done during spring break (the dates differ for each university) is a trip down to Long Island and the Hamptons, which are both still in New York State, but about seven-eight hours from Oswego. I also plan to travel after the semester is finished.  There are a few places on my list. Washington D.C is definitely one, I also want to go and check out Philadelphia, then make my way up to Canada and go from Toronto, Montreal and hopefully depending on time constraints, head to Quebec. As the visa I am on is an exchange only visa, I have to be out of the United States of America a month after the semester finishes, at the absolute latest.


As I am fortunate enough to be so close to Europe (in comparison to if I was coming from Australia) I will be heading to Europe after. I will start in Portugal, as that’s where my grandmother and other family members live. I will also travel to Spain (as it is about a two-three hour drive away), and possibly take a ferry to Morocco. I love to travel, but as I am not working whilst at college for this semester, I am not going to cover as many places as otherwise hoped as college finishes in May at SUNY Oswego, I have about a bit more than two months to travel after school and before heading back to Australia and typically I would cover a few more places on in that time, but due to constraints I should consider myself fortunate enough to travel to some places after the semester.