TRAVEL! What I have seen, where I will go before I come home

Segrave Orlando

A photo from my trip to Universal Studios in Orlando











Exchange to The Catholic University of America, Washington DC
Semester 1 2016

One of the reasons that I wanted to study abroad is because I knew it would be a good way to complete my degree and travel at the same time. The perks about studying in Washington DC is that it is pretty close to other towns and cities which makes it really easy to travel during the semester and see other places.

Last weekend myself and three other Australians hired a car and did a road trip to Philadelphia for the weekend. It was so easy to get there and took no time at all, as it was only 2 and half hours away. There was so much to see there and Philadelphia is a city with a lot of history.

For spring break I went down south to Orlando, Florida. It was great to have some warmer weather and was so much fun spending time with friends, going to the theme parks, especially universal studios and wet and wild. It was great to finally explore another state.

Next week one of my Australian friends Monica and myself are going home with my roommate to New Hampshire for Easter. I am really looking forward to this and will hopefully be able to see other cities around that area, such as Boston.

Later, in April I am planning a road trip to North Carolina to see some cities down there. I really want to go to Wilmington in North Carolina where one of my favorite TV series, One Tree Hill, was filmed. Travelling over here in the US is great. Busses are fairly cheap and I have been able to get some cheap flights on the website Sky Scanner. Hiring a car over here is also pretty inexpensive and when you’re travelling in a group and split the costs, it’s even better.

I always wanted to travel and see places however, I never really wanted to go by myself so I am really lucky to of made so many great friends that are also keen to explore the US. I also can’t believe how quickly my time in America is going. At the moment my friend Monica and I are planning our travels for the end of the semester. Travelling is expensive, especially when you have already been living overseas for 4 months, so we are in the middle of choosing where we want to go and trying to do it in the cheapest possible way. New York is the top place on my list. There is so much to see there, I can’t wait to go to Central Park, the Empire State Building, and Time Square etc. We are also hoping to travel up to Niagara Falls as everyone says that it is definitely a place that you have to go. We then want to travel over to Chicago. At the moment we are considering our options of how to get there. It looks like a bus will be quite a bit cheaper than flying, but we have to make the decision if we want to spend 12 hours on a bus. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s all part of the adventure.

We also plan to head over to Las Vegas and do a tour of the Grand Canyon. After Las Vegas we are heading over to California and want to see San Francisco and LA. When you’re travelling there is so many things that you need to know and consider and I am still figuring them all out.

So far studying abroad as been the most amazing experience. I have met so many people and made so many amazing friends. When I came to America I always expected that I would mainly make American friends. While many of the friends that I have made are American, I have also become friends with other international students as well from Brazil and Hong Kong. Even the other 5 girls that I came over with from Australia I never expected that I would become such good friends with them. I can’t wait to come back and visit my American friends or hopefully one-day I’ll even get to show them around Australia.