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My Experiences of Paris and UNCC300

Patrick 1Patrick – International Core Curriculum Paris Program, ACU Winter 2016.Patrick 2


My experience of completing UNCC 300 in Paris is an experience I will always cherish and never forget. It was an amazing opportunity to try new things and experience a different culture like I never have before.


After a long flight and a quick car transfer to the city of Paris, I was completely overwhelmed with the beauty of the city. St John’s University was an excellent place to stay and I had a wonderful experience meeting people from all over the world staying there. I was completely swept up in emotion on my first day in Paris, finding it daunting to be by myself in such a big city, but at the same time soaking in its beauty. My first of many experiences visiting the Eiffel Tower in lovely sunny weather, is a memory I will always cherish.


During my first week of study in Paris, my time was balanced between attending class and being swept up in what Paris had to offer. Our group enjoyed sightseeing on Sunday, and saw almost all of the sights of Paris at a glance. I enjoyed staying at St John’s University with my new roommate Patrick 4Nathan, who would end up being one of the many best new awesome friends I would make out of the experience. I will never forget the many music sessions and day trips that Nathan and I took to explore Paris.


As well as enjoying the many famous sights in Paris, the UNCC Paris group undertook French language classes which were both interesting and fun at the same time and allowed the us to bond even further. The French language classes were a good opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and learn some handy French phrases for making conversation with the French locals and for shopping on the famous Champs Elysees. Axelle was a very passionate and patient teacher of the French language to us, and I wish to extend my many thanks for her time.

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Patrick 5The group also undertook UNCC 300, and I found this part of the trip to be extremely eye opening and interesting. The classes were both interactive and focused heavily on what it means to be human and what it means to treat ourselves and others with respect and dignity. The passion of all that were involved in our day trips and in our UNCC classes had a profound effect on how willing I was to look at myself as a person. I found the day trips to the immigration museum, St Vincent De Paul’s in the town of Juvisy and to the missionary insightful and thought provoking.


Another brilliant aspect of the trip was the social side with the group being able to enjoy many afternoons and nights together. The many meals we shared, the football games we watched together and the many sights we enjoyed together made it an extremely valuable and inclusive experience for all involved.

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Following the program in Paris, I was also extremely fortunate enough to visit many other countries throughout Europe including England, Spain, Italy and Greece. This opportunity was amazing and an eye opening experience for me personally to enjoy sightseeing, watch sporting events such as the Euro 2016 football tournament live and to challenge myself on a personal level to immerse myself in many different cultures.


I would strongly recommend this opportunity to any future students considering undertaking UNCC 300 in Paris or overseas. These opportunities to see other parts of the world whilst completing your study are rare and should be taken up by any willing students in the future.