New York Kate Rhind2

Random Thoughts on New York

Kate – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, New York, Semester 2, 2016.

52 Random Thoughts During the First Two Weeks of Exchange in New York

  1. That “do you ride a kangaroo to school?” question again…
  2. The water tastes weird here.
  3. You have to pay to get onto the beach?!
  4. Tipping is so bloody confusing.
  5. Seriously the Empire State Building just appears everywhere.
  6. So I need to start saying ‘trash’ instead of ‘rubbish’.
  7. Also ‘restroom’ and not ‘toilet’.
  8. Too many useless coins in my wallet.
  9. A dog just walked out of a bank with its owner.
  10. Hot dogs off the street are amazing.
  11. Wow that guy was rude.
  12. Okay so New Yorkers in general are just kind of rude.
  13. Chuck and Blair got married here!
  14. John’s is a real American college, just like the ones you see in movies.
  15. Everyone is being so nice and friendly to us newbies.
  16. Wow St. John’s gives out a lot of free stuff. And good free stuff too.
  17. Wait she thought we were Irish? Really?
  18. Getting the hang of this subway thing.
  19. Victoria’s secret is so massive I can’t handle it right now.
  20. The heat.
  21. Fried Oreos – of course America.
  22. I am really starting to see just how differently Aussies pronounce words.
  23. I love how there are so many different and distinct areas of this city.
  24. Times square – you’re actually more awesome than I thought you would be.
  25. After a week of living here we have knives. Now to stop eating out two meals a day and actually cook.
  26. I love it how people treat Central Park like a beach, tanning in bikinis and all.
  27. $15 to get onto the beach?! Seriously?!
  28. How have I only been here less than a week?! Feels like forever already.
  29. How do I read Fahrenheit?
  30. How do I read pounds and ounces?
  31. New York Pizza is the bomb!
  32. I can’t wear my gym stuff to class…?
  33. I forget that I’m the one with the different accent.
  34. Dammit I just opened the drivers’ door and not the front passenger door!
  35. It is so hard not to look to my right for oncoming traffic when crossing the road.
  36. Americans really like Australians and our accents.
  37. New York is such an ideal place to people watch.
  38. It is always so humid down on the subway tracks.New York Kate Rhind
  39. It’s been two weeks here now – I should probably call Mum and Dad soon…
  40. It is so strange being the minority in certain areas. Haven’t experienced it like this before.
  41. I seriously don’t get why they don’t advertise food prices with tax included.
  42. So funny how the American students in my classes mimic my accent and find it so fascinating.
  43. Everyone says how they’d love to get to Australia one day. Rarely have I spoken to someone who has actually been.
  44. Central Park is my absolute happy place here.
  45. I wonder what movie or TV show they are shooting here today..?
  46. I can really see how we call Australia the “lucky country”.
  47. I can’t believe that at 22 I am too old for a frat party.
  48. I am finding it so hard to get the hang of the coins here. 5 cents, a dime (10 cents) and a quarter (25 cents) are all silver and all look the same.
  49. Just paid AUD$17 for a glass of Sav. That’s Manhattan for you.
  50. So funny watching wait staff and bouncers trying to read the date of birth on my licence.
  51. Classes have started now. I should probably get to doing some study.
  52. Everywhere in this city feels like a dream.