Travelling on a Shoestring

Paradise Valley Alberta A.Alonso

Alessandre – Exchange to Seattle University, Semester 2, 2016 After I finished high school, it was my dream to travel as much and as often as possible. In the last 3 years, I have been blessed to be able to keep up with this dream, but the realities of travelling as a part time worker/full […]

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Pre Exchange Travels

Dubrovnik Croatia Tom Mason

Tom – Exchange to Middlesex University, UK, Semester 2, 2016 Before my exchange begins in September, I thought I should take the opportunity to explore the continent of Europe. I had never travelled outside Australasia so it was an obvious choice to take advantage of these couple of months and travel. After what is always […]

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Farewell and Camping

Music Festival Sami

Sami – Exchange to Radboud University in the Netherlands, Semester 1, 2016. FAREWELL If you were to ask anyone what is the worst thing about exchange, it is definitely the ending. Firstly, I hate goodbyes, so it was even harder for me. And I’m pretty sure there are some people out there that can relate. […]

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Arriving in Madrid

Madrid Adele White

Adele – Exchange to Comillas University in Madrid, Semester 2, 2016   When I stepped off the plane at Madrid-Barajas airport last week I was nervous, excited and exhausted from the two months of travel I had just done.  Equipped with the words ‘hola’ and ‘gracias’, (being my entire Spanish vocabulary), I eagerly found my […]

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Beijing Blessings

Dakota 2

Dakota – Core Curriculum Beijing Program, ACU Winter Break 2016 Studying abroad is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination while expanding your mind, learning and making life long friends. Recently, I was given the opportunity to study in Beijing and to do exactly that. Stepping on the plane and flying […]

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Random Thoughts on New York

New York Kate Rhind2

Kate – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, New York, Semester 2, 2016. 52 Random Thoughts During the First Two Weeks of Exchange in New York That “do you ride a kangaroo to school?” question again… The water tastes weird here. You have to pay to get onto the beach?! Tipping is so bloody confusing. […]

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Arriving in NYC

New York Chloe Heselden2

  Chloe – Semester Exchange to St John’s University in New York, USA When I stepped off the plane at JFK it didn’t matter how badly I was jetlagged, the moment that New York air conditioning hit my face I felt invigorated and ready to take on the city.  Looking at myself now, and with […]

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Initial Thoughts and Feelings on Nijmegan

Nijmegen Will Simon

Will – Semester Exchange Program to Radboud University, The Netherlands When I first arrived in Nijmegen, I was overwhelmed with excitement. This exchange experience had been in planning for months, and I had been counting down the days since I first decided that I would take the plunge. The Netherlands is a really flat country, […]

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