Arriving in France

Louvre Shobhan Smyrek

Upload images of Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Milan, Friends and Annecy Shobhan – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 2, 2016 My semester abroad is in France – Lyon, to be exact. Arriving to France was a very long (33 hour journey) but very exciting time. This is my first time in Europe. […]

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Side Travel

Football Game Jarrod Growse

Jarrod – Semester Exchange to Georgia College, USA Semester 1, 2016 The beauty of study abroad is not just the opportunity to learn about the culture of your new hometown, but also of the surrounding cities and states. I am currently studying at Georgia College, south of Atlanta in the US. Each weekend here I […]

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Arriving in Leeds

Mailbox Steph Barnes

Stephanie – Semester Exchange to Leeds Trinity University, UK Semester 2, 2016 Arriving at Leeds Trinity was everything I thought it would be AND much more. My fellow ACU friend Amber and I, were welcomed by Leeds Trinity students at the airport and after spending a few weeks travelling countries where English wasn’t the first […]

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Exchange in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Anna Salamy

Anna – Semester Exchange at VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands Semester 2, 2016 Six weeks ago I left Australia to study abroad in Amsterdam! Let me tell you about my experiences so far… I was extremely excited that I would be in Europe for my semester abroad and I took the opportunity to do some extra […]

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I made it!

Bradford Claire Harbeck

Claire – Semester Exchange to the University of Bradford, UK Semester 2, 2016 I did it! I made it! Good on ya, Claire! That was my first thought when I finally touched down at the London Heathrow Airport. Considering that I haven’t been overseas before AND I was doing it solo empowered me significantly. As […]

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Exchange on a budget!

Money Kate Mitchell

Kate – Semester Exchange to Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland Semester 2, 2016 My name is Kate and I have been lucky enough to study in Winterthur, Switzerland. However, whenever I told someone I was going to live here they would always say, “prepare your money” or “its so expensive.” It wasn’t until […]

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Arriving in Japan

Nagoya Tessa Crawford

Tessa – Nagoya Institute of Foreign Studies, Japan Semester 2, 2016 Stepping off that aeroplane and arriving in Japan was one of the most exhilarating moments in my life. It was only my second time travelling overseas and my second time in Japan—but now I am here for half an entire year, as opposed to […]

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Arriving in Germany!

Mannheim Rebecca Paul

Rebecca – Semester Exchange to Mannheim University, Germany Semester 2, 2016 This semester I am doing my study abroad program at the University of Mannheim in Germany. In my third week here, I’ve found Germany to be different, yet similar, to my hometown of Melbourne. A great part of studying in Mannheim is the great […]

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Arriving in Angers, France

Angers Callum Ernikiolis (2)

Callum – Semester Exchange to ESSCA Angers, France Semester 2, 2016 Before arriving in Angers, I travelled around Europe on a Top Deck tour. I was fortunate enough to visit the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands before making my way to Angers for my Semester abroad. Having visited Paris on […]

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