Todaiji Temple Nara Tess Crawford

Random Thoughts on Japan

Tessa – Exchange to Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Semester 2, 2016

  • why is it still so humid!? I thought japan was famed for its four seasons…where’s autumn?
  • I just ate 7 plates of sushi and only spent ¥500 ($6)…#sushialldayeveryday
  • 7-elevens really do have everything
  • wait, the supermarket in my town is cash only?
  • wait, this macca’s is too? I definitely need to start carrying way more cash on me
  • oh, now I have way too many coins everyyywhereee (in my purse, sitting loose at the bottom of my handbag, in a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in a week, in my cupboard draw, all over my desk)
  • why is eating out so cheap yet supermarkets are so expensive? (seriously, I’m not paying ¥1200 ($15) for a bunch of grapes
  • I love my bike, everything becomes so much more easily accessible with it (plus, it’s a cute peachy colour)
  • why does this toilet have a control panel? Omg, it just started playing rainforest noises…
  • every machine in Japan seems to talk at me, from the toilets to the escalators to the vending machines (which are everywhere)
  • seriously, I went to a restaurant and had to order my food at a vending machine
  • my university has 2 seven-elevens, a bakery, campus bookstore, two eateries and a giant cafeteria, a café, another convenience store and different food trucks across campus every day…I don’t think im gonna starve here
  • and I can pay for everything using my student card? Yes please!
  • wow, my university has so many different clubs, societies and groups…excuse me while I sign up for them all!
  • did…did I just hear a bell ring for the next class? Omg I feel like im in highschool all over again
  • language lounge at my uni, where foreign students can practice each other’s languages with the Japanese students is so much fun! I’m basically getting paid to make friends.
  • it’s surprising, how many Japanese students have been to Australia or are planning on going—I love it!
  • student exchange is the best
  • I love that being on exchange I get to experience not only Japanese culture, but also the culture of all of the other exchange students as well
  • the amount of languages I hear being spoken every day is crazy-just today I heard a single conversation take place in Japanese, French and English. I love it.
  • I’ve made such fast friends with everyone here, the feeling of togetherness and family that I share with all the rad people I live with is indescribable.
  • im slowly coming to the realisation that not everything is super busy all the time…just that Japan has a LOT of people
  • whoa, japan is absolutely CRAZY for Halloween, literally everywhere I go has something Halloween themed (even the aquarium I went to last weekend had a special Halloween exhibit). I’m actually pretty excited for my first ever Halloween
  • nagoya is so close to everything, travelling someplace new every weekend is the best
  • this country is so amazing, its crazy how 30 minutes ago I was in the heart of modern metropolis, and now one quick bullet train later im in one of the most ancient regions of Japan visiting centuries old temples, shrines and castles. Seriously, the blend of modernity with Japan’s rich history and culture still amazes me
  • I love this country