Budgeting tips for Exchange

Heidelberg Emily Pupic (2)

Emily – Exchange to the University of Heidelberg, Germany Semester 2, 2016 Anyway you look at it, exchange is expensive. For most of us on exchange, visa conditions and study means working a part-time job is out of the question. So instead, you’ve spent months at home saving all your hard earned cash for the […]

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Recipe for Pumpkin Pie!

Canada Madeleine Hendy 2

Madeleine – Exchange to Wilfred Laurier University Semester 2, 2016 Fall has come, the air is crisp, and the rustling leaves let off a lively vibe. The colours are vibrant and the cool air mixed with a warm sun is pleasant. Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, which was celebrated with a whole week of festive […]

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French living; The anthropological eye

Lille Gemma Weightman 9

Gemma – Exchange to the Catholic University of Lille, France Semester 2, 2016  As a sociology minor there is something so fascinating about moving to a new country and absorbing all that it has to offer. Each culture, population or nation has so many intricacies and differences that are at once strange, adorable, off-putting and […]

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Overcoming Challenges

Angers Callum Ernikiolis (3).jpg

Callum – Exchange to ESSCA Angers, France Semester 2, 2016 Coming to Angers has been an experience where I’ve learnt a lot and have grown by facing different situations that I usually would not in Australia. However, by facing these challenges I have had to adjust certain ways of thinking and to adapt to each […]

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Travelling around the UK!

Leeds Steph Barnes

Stephanie – Exchange to Leeds Trinity University, UK Semester 2, 2016 Although I’ve been in England for almost a whole month I had yet to really explore the countryside around my area but this past weekend I finally got the chance to! Leeds Trinity Fitness organised a weekend away that anyone could join up for […]

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Facts about my host city

Bradford Claire Harbeck 5

Claire – Exchange to University of Bradford, United Kingdom Semester 2, 2016 Bradford, my host city, is very interesting! I have been living here for just over a month now and it feels like I am learning something new each day. Bradford is located in West Yorkshire and is nearly smack bang in the middle […]

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