Leeds Steph Barnes 11

One thing I never thought I would do on exchange…

Stephanie – Exchange to Leeds Trinity University, UK

Semester 2, 2016

One thing I have done while on exchange that I never thought I’d do:

Fallen in love with snow.

I have never loved the idea of snow.

Now I do.

Leeds Steph Barnes 10Today was my second time in my entire life that I have experienced snow and it was truly magical. I woke at 3.30am to see the first bit of snow fall for autumn and after a quick message to my friends and family back home about how excited I was, I then went back to sleep for a few hours. I woke again around 7.30am and the ground was covered. I honestly felt so much happiness in that one moment that I decided to put on some clothes and go outside to admire it all. A few of my flatmates were up and as I smiled and jumped around like a dork, they laughed at me, possibly thinking what a silly Australian I was being. But I was excited and I think I had a reason to be.

After a few photos by myself I decided to message my friend Amber so we could at least be silly Australians together. I grabbed my camera from my room and we set off on a little adventure to explore the university grounds and I had the most amazing time. We laughed, skipped, ran, jumped and fell in the snow and had a great time doing so.

I then spent the next few hours relaxing in my room with my blinds wide open so I could look out amongst the beautiful snow-covered grounds. The forecast originally had the snow stopping early morning but it continued to cover the university until midday and I was very thankful for that.

My English friend Peter messaged me early morning, as he knew I was very excited about the snow and he offered to take me for a drive so I could take some more photos! I usually had netball on Leeds Steph Barnes 12Wednesdays but as we had a bye it was the perfect opportunity for me to get out and about and experience snow amongst the Yorkshire countryside! So after relaxing for a few hours I was ready to get out again and of course I invited Amber too, to share in the excitement.

Peter drove us to a place called Almscliffe Crag where we walked to the top of some large rocks and were able to look across the paddocks and fields around Yorkshire. As far as the eye could see was snow and once again, it was just magical. We spent over an hour walking around, climbing rocks, taking more photos (because my Instagram needed more apparently even though I had spammed it with a heap of photos all day… oh well) and generally just enjoying life and each other’s company.

I honestly had the most amazing day and I loved that I could share it with some great friends. Studying abroad has been a great experience and one that I’ve felt so happy on, and after today I only feel even happier!

I also noticed that someone had written ‘Steph’ directly outside my window in the snow when I woke around 7.30am (a secret admirer or lucky coincidence? Not sure!!).