Callum Ernikiolis

Facts about Angers, France

Callum – Exchange to ESSCA Angers, France

Semester 2, 2016

For the past three months I have been living in a small city in western France called Angers. It is only a 2-hour train ride from Paris and close to other well-known areas such as Nantes and Rennes. Its population is approximately 150,000, but halves on school holidays as it is primarily a University town and mainly accommodates for students.

Historic Buildings

Angers is the historical capital of the Anjou region and houses the famous Château d’Angers, which is a castle that was initially built as a fortress for defense purposes. Now, the castle has been converted into a museum. It holds an apocalypse tapestry and is the oldest and largest collection of medieval tapestries in the world.

Maison d’Adam is another famous building and is located in the heart of Angers. The house was constructed in 1491 and has a timbered face that is decorated with many sculptures of religious significance. This is fitting considering the house is also known as the home of Adam and Eve. The house was originally an apothecary and has been damaged many times through its long history. Maison d’Adam has had many restorations, the last one being in 1994.


France is generally known to be a large consumer of wine and has many famous regions that produce world-class wine, such as Bordeaux, Muscadet and Champagne. However, it is not wine that Angers is known for.

Cointreau is an orange flavoured triple-sec produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, which is located in the outskirts of Angers. Initially founded in 1849 by two brothers, it has now merged with Remy Martin to form Remy Cointreau. It is a publicly traded company and makes just under €1 billion a year in revenue.


Angers Sporting Club de l’Ouest (Angers SCO) was founded in 1919. They currently play in Ligue 1, which is the highest league in French football and one of the best leagues in the world. Paris Saint-Germain also plays in this league and is among the wealthiest clubs in the world. In the 1971-72 season Angers made the UEFA Cup, which was a big feat considering Angers SCO is one of the poorest clubs in France and they still managed to compete with other teams that had more money and therefore could attract better players.


Angers is an amazing town that has a well-balanced lifestyle and enjoys a rich history. It is an interesting place to visit as it suits the University life and has other sites to see that doesn’t exist in many other towns that are considered to be ‘student towns’.