Sahara Desert Tara Croker

Why go overseas?!

Tara – Exchange to Bradford University, UK

Semester 2, 2016

As a global studies student, it was compulsory to do one semester overseas. This is one of the reasons the degree attracted me as I knew I definitely wanted to go on exchange during my time studying at University. I did not think one semester overseas was enough so I planned to do two semesters in order to make the most of it. Luckily Australian Catholic University is happy to cater to this and makes it an available option to students going abroad. Going on exchange also offers the opportunity to experience living within a different culture first hand. It helps you to understand other people, different ways of living and appreciate things within your own life. It is very valuable to experience the way in which another University operates and learn from diverse lecturers and fellow students. My classes at university in the United Kingdom have a much more diverse range of students from different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures than any of my classes in Australia have had. This makes for much more interesting discussion on global issues and movements happening around the world. I am really enjoying being able to listen to people and discuss their first hand experiences in countries such as Syria, Africa, Brazil and many more.

I really do not understand why more university students don’t undertake at least one study abroad semester during their degree. There are many scholarships, grants and the OS Help loan available to students. There is so much money available through these mediums to students in order to make an exchange semester possible. The government is literally giving students enough money to go and do it. There is really no reason not to go on exchange. Having study abroad on your resume makes you more appealing to future employers as it can show that you are resilient, open, adventurous and independent. I have travelled to many places and going on exchange has allowed me to add even more places to my country collection. I have now been to over forty different countries and counting. As a global studies student this sort of exposure to other cultures is vital. When you are overseas, you are more open to trying new things, life isn’t mundane and repetitive, you meet people with interesting stories and grow within yourself without even realising. I am an advocate and supporter of everyone traveling because it broadens your horizons, opens doors and makes you a better person.