Mannheim Rebecca Paul 9

A Day in the Life at the University of Mannheim

Rebecca – Exchange to Mannheim University, Germany

Semester 2, 2016

Mannheim Rebecca Paul 710:00AM

With my first class at 10:15, the first stop is the Uni’s café, EO Café, for some coffee. The coffee in Germany tastes awful, but caffeine is caffeine!


Class – External Relations of the European Union

Classes are now starting to prepare for exams, so it’s been nice to wrap everything up that we’ve learnt this semester. One of the benefits of studying in Europe is being able to take subjects that we wouldn’t usually get to do back in Australia, such as classes on the European Union.


German Exam! I’ve been taking German this semester, and the day has arrived for the exam. It’s definitely not the easiest thing I’ve ever tried to do, but I’m glad I decided to take it because now I can continue with German when I get home, and hopefully one day I’ll be fluent.

2:00PMMannheim Rebecca Paul 8

With classes done for the day, it’s time to head to the library to start studying for my last two exams. The libraries here in Mannheim are different to the one back in Melbourne – you have to put all your belongings in lockers outside, which are locked by your student cards, and then you can only take in as much stuff as you can carry. If you want to take more, you have to buy a specific, clear bag from the Campus Shop, as it’s the only one they allow you to take inside.


After a long day of Uni, I’m heading to meet with friends at a local restaurant, Café Vienna. Mannheim has a ton of different places to eat and drink, with the different areas of the town offering different things. You go to the Hauptbahnhof for the best Döner’s in Mannheim, Jungbusch for cool bars, Paradaplatz for more Döner’s (and Pommes), Q6/Q7 for Asian inspired food, and the block behind the main street for a proper sit down meal.


To the Christmas Market we go! The Mannheim Weihnachtsmarkt opened in late November and it’s been a great place to meet up with friends and experience a true European Christmas. The Glühwein is super popular, especially because of how much the temperature has dropped in recent weeks. I’m looking forward to venturing to places like Heidelberg to visit their Christmas market!