Why go overseas?!

Sahara Desert Tara Croker

Tara – Exchange to Bradford University, UK Semester 2, 2016 As a global studies student, it was compulsory to do one semester overseas. This is one of the reasons the degree attracted me as I knew I definitely wanted to go on exchange during my time studying at University. I did not think one semester […]

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Experiencing Winter in the North

Snow Ramona Chachula 2

Ramona – Exchange to Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland Semester 2, 2016 The last month or so has been continually busy and full of even more first times here in Lapland UAS, Finland. For the first time in my life I was able to experience snow, walking on a frozen river, minus 18 degrees […]

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Living away from home for the first time

Will Simon

Will – Exchange to Radboud University, The Netherlands Semester 2, 2017 Living away from home for the first time has made me more self-dependant and more accountable. Things like cooking, food shopping, clothes washing and general tidying up is left undone unless you do yourself. The experience has taught me a few things about how […]

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My favourite meal overseas

Soup A l'oignon Louis Horsley

Louis – Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 2, 2016 Traditional French foods rely on simple combinations that enhance the rich, natural flavors of French ingredients. Adhering to this simple combination has been my all time favorite meal found in France, which is… Soupe a L’oignon! (Onion Soup)  This is a gooey, rich-flavored […]

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