WVU basketball

My time at West Virginia University so far

Nicholas – Semester Exchange to West Virginia University, USA

Semester 1, 2017

So I’ve finally made it to West Virginia University, USA.

Rewind the clock back 6 weeks to one day before I was supposed to leave Australia just prior to New Year.  No visa and no passport, the whereabouts of which were unknown.  Luckily a courier delivered the vital items in the early hours of the morning only three hours before I departed.

I flew into LA for a couple days of sunshine before flying on to NYC and then making my way south to West Virginia by bus.  Upon arriving at WVU, everything looked even better than in the photos I’d seen online.  There are 150 year old buildings (in which I have some classes this semester), huge basketball and football stadiums, fraternities and sororities set within the picturesque university city of Morgantown.  I moved into an old 32-bed sorority house – which had been converted into The International House ten years ago – and which now houses undergraduate students from all around the world.  There’s never a dull moment in The International House as someone is always up for a game of ping pong, a chat on the couches, a midnight game of monopoly or heading to a house party.

My classes are super interesting and all of my professors are incredibly knowledgeable.   American students seem to love the Australian accent which has made it really easy to form new friendships.

Snow fell frequently for the first few weeks I was here and the average temperature was around -10°C.  Luckily the cold weather has passed for the moment but I’m sure it will be back soon.

I have been to a few college basketball matches so far and the atmosphere is electric.  The whole town goes wild when WVU is playing sport, any sport.  There is a huge sense of school pride all around the town and especially when WVU is playing which is quite different to back home.  Recently the NFL super bowl was on and the whole town/country was talking about it.  It was great to be a part of that.

As the weeks go on, there are a heap of things I’m looking forward to such as the spring break, St Patricks Day, international dinners and more sporting events.  Since I have been here the time has flown and I’m sure that the rest of the semester will fly by fast as well so I need to make sure that I make the most of everything while I am here.