Nicholas Davey (2)

Spring Break Road Trip

Nicholas – Semester Exchange to West Virginia University, USA

Semester 1, 2017

Spring Break was the middle part of our semester over here in the US so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some of America with my friends.  Five friends and I set out from West Virginia University on a week’s long road trip that would cover 10 states.  Our first stop was Nashville, Tennessee, country music city.  Nashville was quite a small city, however it felt like three large cities crammed into one.  The main street was electric, and not just during the night time.  Every bar you went past was blasting country or rock music and everyone was singing along.  It was such a fun city to visit.

Our next stop was Atlanta, Georgia.  We only had a short 12 hours in Atlanta, however the parts that we did see were fantastic.  Their capital building was beautiful and parks surrounding the city were great.

The next morning we moved onto New Orleans, Louisiana.  Our drive took us through the Deep South, and we got a real sense of what the term Red Neck means.  As we arrived in New Orleans weNicholas Davey (1) could already tell we were going to have an unbelievable time there.  The nightlife was crazy, with lots of jazz bars and other bars with all kinds of live music.  It seemed as though this city never sleeps.  We were staying right next to the historic French Quarter which is home to magnificent buildings and culture.  On one of our days there we took a trip to the Bayou, which is very similar to the Everglades in Florida.  We took a boat trip through the Bayou and saw lots of wildlife including many alligators which we were lucky enough to feed.

After our time in New Orleans it was time to move onto Houston, Texas.  Our time in Texas was magnificent.  The highlight from our Texas trip was definitely seeing a rodeo.  This was probably the most typical American thing I could have seen on my trip.  Everyone was wearing large cowboy hats and cowboy boots, it was great.  Our final stop for our road trip was in Austin, Texas.  Austin was a really nice city.  Being the capital of Texas it was home to many important buildings.  The congress building is the largest one in America, even larger than the congress building in Washington DC.

From Texas we left our car and flew to Cleveland, Ohio.  When arriving in Cleveland we picked up another can and drove back to West Virginia University seeing the country side of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

All in all it was a great week for us all.