Living in the US


My exchange experience in the United States thus far has been incredibly unique and rewarding. I live in San Francisco and commute to Santa Clara University two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s not very common for people who attend Santa Clara to live this far from campus but only having class two […]

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Why should you go on exchange.


Ever since I started university 3 years ago, I have always wanted to go on an exchange program and live in a different part of the world.  To meet new people and learn different cultures from all parts of the world.  During my O week in my first year, the first thing I investigated was […]

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Road Trip!


Seattle Road Trip: Day One (Tuesday 14th February)   After what feels like an eternity we have finally reached our mid-term reading break.  The girls and I have planned a three day Seattle Road trip which takes roughly two hours from Abbotsford, the town where our university is located.  For this trip we decided to […]

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My time in Madrid

The study abroad experience is loaded with expectation and promise – much similar to foreign travel. Most pack their ideas and desires into a suitcase and wonder about the adventure they are to soon embark on. I surprised myself by also romanticizing the to-be experience. My long flight from Australia was filled with images of […]

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Bye British Columbia!


It is coming to that time in the semester where people are taking their final exams and starting to clean up their dorms to head home.  It is crazy how fast this semester has flown by, it almost feels unreal.  My friends and I can’t believe we are all leaving so soon.  It is sad […]

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Thoughts on returning to Australia


George – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of America, USA Semester 1, 2017 I am currently less than a week from jumping on a plane and returning back home to Australia, so I thought I would make a note about what’s going through my mind right now, for the benefit of those clever ACU students who […]

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French cuisine in Lyon


Charlotte – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 1, 2017 “I don’t like cheese.” – not Charlotte. Cheese is my favourite food. Coincidentally, (100% percent deliberate) I am on exchange in the most cheese-obsessed country in the world; just one of the reasons I love France. Lyon is known as one of […]

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