Bye British Columbia!

It is coming to that time in the semester where people are taking their final exams and starting to clean up their dorms to head home.  It is crazy how fast this semester has flown by, it almost feels unreal.  My friends and I can’t believe we are all leaving so soon.  It is sad to be thinking the we won’t be seeing each other everyday in a weeks time.  Living in dorms has been so much fun, I have the advantage of visiting my friends whenever I feel like it which includes eating all of their food as well.  I will miss the walk down to Finnegan’s for their yam fries, the walk to Seven Eleven and the Bottle Shop, the trips to ARC for the sauna during the incredibly snowy months we had here, the hyper taxi rides to Townhall, study sessions at Old Hand Cafe, weekend hikes with friends and trips to Whistler, Vancouver, the Rockies and Seattle throughout the semester.


There is a constant stream of taxis coming and going, countless suitcases and an endless stream of tears.  This last week is full of mixed emotions for me, it has been exciting and draining at the same time as I am studying for my final business exams while simultaneously organising for my trip to California with my friend and saying goodbye to friends as they leave to head back home or leaving to travel.  However, the excitement for my California trip heavily outweighs the anticipation of my final exams.


This exchange has been such a great experience as I have been able to adapt to life outside of Australia and understand how it is to live on my own and develop my own independence.  It requires another level of responsibility when being away from your support system back home.  It has made me realise how capable I am when travelling and looking after myself.  I have enjoyed my dorm experience however am looking forward to heading home for a home cooked meal as having oats for the last three days for majority of my meals is less than ideal.  I am so grateful to have had this experience and will miss the friends I have made here incredibly.  I am looking forward to getting out of Abbotsford, however the experiences I have had here with the people I have met will be ones to look back on.

This experience has prompted me to study or live abroad sometime in the future.  I am in the process of obtaining my Italian passport and am hoping to work for a while in Italy next year during the Summer.  This experience has encouraged me to plan my future travel and career plans when I get back to Melbourne.  It is so intriguing talking to people from all over the world learning about their countries and their aspirations, this is inspiring and encourages me to go out and pursue my own goals as well.  As this semester is coming to an end I am appreciative of this experience however am happy and ready to start my next chapter of life back home.  It has now come down to my last day in the UFV dorms and living in Abbotsford.  Tomorrow I head off to LA.