Road Trip!

Seattle Road Trip: Day One

(Tuesday 14th February)


After what feels like an eternity we have finally reached our mid-term reading break.  The girls and I have planned a three day Seattle Road trip which takes roughly two hours from Abbotsford, the town where our university is located.  For this trip we decided to hire a rental car and made our way across the border.  Crossing the border to go into the USA was very easy and we were put through with no dramas so we continued on our way to the Seattle Factory Outlets where we could shop till we drop.  As we arrived it was as if we were arriving at Disneyland, there was Calvin Klein, North Face, Michael Kors, Guess, Nike, Adidas and so many more shops, we all had smiles plastered on our faces.  We pulled in to the outlets, all grinning from ear to ear, credit cards at the ready.  We ended up staying at the outlets for a solid three hours and headed to the car with multiple bags in tow.  The boot of the car was so full Rose, the driver could barely see out the back, it was a successful shopping day to say the least.



We then made our way back on the road for the second half of our trip which took us about an hour to get into the city of Seattle.  The skyline was gorgeous and the streets were busy, it felt so nice to be in a bustling city again.  We arrived in Downtown Seattle where all the streets were covered in rainbow colours and the book stores filled with gay pride books.  It was an interesting little section of the town.  We arrived at our cute little one bedroom AirBnb where all five of us girls managed to unpack our shopping for the day and show each other what we had all purchased.  The little apartment came with a double bed, a bathroom right in between the lounge and the bedroom, a living area with two couches and a TV and a fully furnished kitchen.  Somewhere I would love to live if I were living in Seattle however realistically could only could fit about two people.  We had three of us sharing the various couches which were as hard as a rock, but we managed.


That night we headed out to the nearest Starbucks (one thing you will learn in Seattle is there are an infinite number of Starbucks in the city) and had a Soy Chai Latte with the girls.  We then shamelessly took a couple of pics and took advantage of the free wifi in the cafe, again shamelessly.  We then made our way back to our AirBnb where it started to rain (in typical Seattle fashion) and put on some bad American television and had an early night in.


Seattle Road Trip: Day Two

(Wednesday 15th February)


We headed to our first location of the day which was Pike Place Market.  We all walked down through the city of Seattle which was so pretty and made our way through the crowds down to the market.  We arrived at a big sign reading ‘Pike Place Market’ and it was hard to ignore the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals buying various items from the market.  The first thing we saw was the famous fish toss, which involved a lot of yelling from the tourists and the fisherman.  It was a very entertaining show.  They had an array of all different types of food at the market; fresh fish, various fruits and vegetables, endless varieties of oils to sample and delis with gourmet cheeses and meats.  After working up an appetite strolling up and down the market we decided to order lunch from a nearby restaurant.  Between us we ordered Clam Chowder, Tuna Melts and Salmon Burgers, all were equally delicious and satisfying.  After lunch we headed down to the infamous Seattle Gum wall where we took multiple photos in front of the gross, colourful wall.  After placing our own gum on the wall we made our way back to our apartment and were in the car heading to Theo’s Chocolate Factory for a factory tour at 2PM.





We rocked up to the tour and were asked to wear hair nets before we made our way into the factory.  Theo was the first Organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country.  The factory sources its beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru, by sourcing the beans from these locations they are able to help their businesses grow and succeed.  It was such an informative and fun tour, my friends and I ate our weight in all kinds of chocolate; raspberry, coconut, almond and many other delicious flavours.  After consuming excessive amounts of this delectable chocolate we headed back to our AirBnB to relax a little and take a nap.


We got back to our apartment, chilled and then headed out again to the fancy Starbucks to enjoy a warm drink and some dinner.  The girls and I were stuffed from our day exploring Seattle so got back to our apartment for some much needed rest.


Seattle Road Trip: Day Three

(Thursday 16th February)


This morning was our last day in Seattle.  We planned to go to an authentic American diner called Lost Lake, which is open 24/7.  It was recommended to us by one of the barristers at the Starbucks, the night before.  And boy was it an excellent recommendation.  Between the five of us we had ordered a feast, it was a breakfast fit enough for Kings.  I ordered avocado with a serving of sourdough toast and a side of sautéed mushrooms.. something I would typically order back home in Australia, it was delicious.  We sat for a while, chatting about our plans for the day while soaking up the American vibes.

We then made our way over to Columbia Tower where we were able to view the Seattle skyline which stretched out as far as the eye could see, with buildings of all different heights towering over the lego people and cars on the street.  It was a sunny day without a cloud in sight.  We spent a little over an hour taking photos and soaking in the city of Seattle.


We then thought we would head down to the Original Starbucks, so then began our Starbucks hunt, we passed at least 7 Starbucks before we got to the Original Starbucks and only had walked a couple of blocks, they were everywhere.  Luckily, today the line was not so long so we were put through quickly and while there I bought myself a copper tumbler with the original Starbucks logo and writing on it.  I then purchased a Soy Chai latte and enjoyed it with a monster cookie that was the size of our heads.  We sat out the front of the cafe listening to a local busker and were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the market.  We then made our way back to the car and on the way I took advantage of the authentic yoghurt store and had the most delicious chai spice yoghurt ever.



We made our way to the car and headed on our way back to Abbotsford.  We drove along the busy highway all the way down to our destination, the whole way home there was constant chatter, we were all so ecstatic from the past couple of days.  

This comes to the conclusion of our three day Seattle roadtrip getaway, which is one of the most eventful and exciting experiences I have had while on my study abroad journey.