And finally, we’re here!

Tara Fontana Exchange to St. John’s University  Semester 2, 2017 After the long months of countdowns, preparations, packing, back and forth emails and those final goodbyes to friends and family, I have finally moved into my dorm and am about to experience what it is like to live and study in New York.   I […]

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The Importance of Side Travels

The Importance of Side Travels Blog

Sam McDonald Exchange to Catholic University of Lille  Semester 2, 2017 Technically I haven’t started the ‘study’ part of my study abroad yet, but I’m about a week away from arriving Lille, France where I’ll be living and studying right up until Christmas. I’m a Global Studies student so I’ve always known that going abroad […]

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The International Core Curriculum Rome

After learning the Cioccolato Latte dance, we got to have some free-style dance time. Some of the children were very gifted dancers!

Vickie Lew The International Core Curriculum Rome Winter Semester 2017 To be given the opportunity to study UNCC300 in Rome, is one of the best experiences and memories I will have from my years at university. It was the perfect taster into the life of studying abroad. The core curriculum encouraged me to discover more […]

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Returning home

After 15 weeks in the United States and two hours left on my visa it’s time for me to head back home to Australia. Reflecting on my amazing time in the States I can only think what an great experience exchange is. It’s the perfect excuse to travel to a new place and live. Study […]

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Road Trip in the USA

Liam Gubbins 1

Day 1 – Big Sur After finishing up a quarter of university at Santa Clara, I have a month to travel around the United States. Directly after finishing my studies my girlfriend and I hired a camper van out of San Francisco and drove from there to Carmel by the Sea. Leaving San Francisco the […]

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