On the benefits of studying overseas

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Love the theatre? Go to London for a week; see 7 shows in 8 days.

Love hiking and finding stone circles? Go to the Lake District and hike for about 20km, you’ll find a stone circle and be there only one there to marvel it.

Love hiking generally? Go to the Scottish Highlands.


The wonderful thing about studying in Europe is that it is close to so many things, which allows you the freedom and flexibility to explore. Like many, I decided to undertake the majority of my travel before the semester study began, and it is something I an incredibly grateful I could do. Yes, traveling alone is wonderful because it truly means that you can seize the day—doing whatever you want without having to compromise or spend time doing things you don’t necessarily enjoy. However perhaps the best part of traveling alone is the opportunity to see just how much your hard work has paid off.


In all the hype to be ready for your overseas travel usually we forget the most important thing: to ready ourselves as a person. No doubt making sure your passport is valid and that your suitcase is intact are important but not necessarily the most important thing. Before leaving I created a checklist of the things I ‘must do’ in each of the countries I was visiting, and promised myself that I would have a ‘no-regrets’ policy, that is, to make sure I completed everything on this list. But not even completing this list was the most important achievement.


What traveling overseas by myself for the first time has taught me is just how grateful I am of all the hard work I did before leaving. Yes, having money to spend was certainly a nice factor, but more specifically, all that time that I had devoted to other people, through work or volunteer work helped shaped into a person I am proud to be, it strengthened my values and gave me clarity and a sense of purpose. What I didn’t realise at the time was just how sure I was becoming in myself. I am confident in my values and identity, have a strong sense of self worth, have become far more resilient and certainly learnt a lot about grit.


What it has shown me is that I am confident in who I am, and that I trust and back myself at every turn. I have very little fear now, because I trust that no matter what situation I face, that I trust my skills and ability to deal with it. These past few years of hard work has strengthened me and helped me grow. I have no fear and I embrace every challenge and adventure thrown my way. It is incredibly empowering and ensures that I am truly able to get the best out of my travels.